Liam payne's twin sister?!

This is my first movella so the writing might be off a bit :s
My kidnapper shot the police took me back to my family! I finally get to see mum dad and Liam! After 13 years I am back!


1. *flashback*

Ashley's pov

flashback-I was only 7 years old! Me and Liam were playing hide and seek "READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" I was hiding behind a bush hoping Liam wouldn't find me "BOO" he screams "AHHHHHhh Liam!! You scared me! Your a big meanie" "no I'm not you are a horrible twin sister!!" I hated it when we fought and I knew that he couldn't resist the puppy face so I widened my eyes and put my best puppy face Ever! "Awwwh Ashley you know I can't resist the puppy eyes!!" Liam said "hehe I know that's why I pu-" I got interrupted by a big man "hello lovely girl mind if I just take you?" He winks at me "STAY AWAY FROM HER!"Liam shouts while I am wondering what's going on, you see I was never smart whereas Liam was mega smart! Just as was about to grab Liam and run the man chucked me over his shoulder! Just at that moment mummy came and tried her best to get him out the way but nothing worked he just punched mummy out the way and shoved me in a van! Then all I remember is him putting something round my mouth then falling into a deep sleep...

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