Forbidden Love *Luke Brooks Love Story

Emily Payne had to move from London,United Kingdom to Melbourne,Australia. She meets new people like the janoskians . Her mother dies and she has to live with her father. Emily and Luke fall in love but her father falls in love with his mother Gina. There parents get married.Could they kept there alive or do they have to give it up?


1. New Life


    "Mum do we have to move?"I asked
 "Yes Emily" mum said 
 "But why?" I asked
 "Because your father has to work over there" mum said
  "He is not my father" I whispered
"Just finish packing" mum said

~ 1 hour later~

        We went through the bag check thing and we waited for our plane. I get my iPod and put One Direction Live While We're Young.I just sit there and wait for the plane. I get up and walk to a little store. I see a magazine of One Direction. Then I see a poster of Liam shirtless. OMG he is so cute why cant I just keep him. I hear that my plane is leaving. I but the magazine and I buy it. I walk back to my mum and we get on the plane. I turn my music. I can feel my self falling asleep.

~Few Hours Later~

I feel a hand tapping on my shoulder. I wake up and I see its my mum.
"Honey we're here, our new home" She said
       I get up and walk out. We go through the bag check section. We finally get out of the airport. I see a hand waving at us.We walk over to that person. Ugh its Alexander. My mum runs to his arms. And they have to kiss in front of me. Ugh I hate him.
"Hello Emily" He said
  "Hey Alexander" I said as I rolled my eyes
        We put our stuff in the car. We get in the car, Alexander starts driving. I look out the window and I see a lot of buildings. This place isn't that bad but, its hot like VERY HOT!!!! We finally get to our new house. Its very nice,its really big though. I get out of the car. I see 5 guys looking over where I am. I just ignore them. I walk inside of my new house. Dam its hella big. I go up stairs. I go tothe end of the hall. I see a room there. I open the door.I see my beautiful room.
I see that I have new furniture. FINALLY I HAVE NEW FURNITURE. I have every thing new. I look through my closet. I see new cloths. Yay new cloths. I walks down stairs. I changes into " HEY MUM I'M GOING TO CHECK OUT THE NEIGHBORHOOD" I yelled
  "OK HONEY BE HERE BEFORE 10 OK?" mum yelled
       I walks outside. I walked around. I get tired so I walk back home. Why is it so HOT over here dam. I turn around and I see 5 guys following me. I walk a bit faster but the do the same.
 "Hey wait who are you" a guys asked
  " YOUR MUM" I yell as I ran home.
        I run up stairs to my room. I see a note on my bed that said;
"Get ready we are having dinner with our new neighbors OK? We leave when you are finish changing.''
           - MUM "
I guess this is my new life.


(A/N: Sorry if this chapter is short and i hope you like this story)

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