Secret Love

After 16 year old Bianca Styles moves in with her famouse brother, Harry Styles, Will she be able to control the love that she has for a certain black haired lad? Will she find out he also have feelings for her? Will they be able to keep their relationship a secret from the world or her brother will get in the way of everything?


1. Chapter 1

Bianca's P.O.V:


"Alright thats the last of it," I said to my best friend of 6 years, Vivian. I zipped up my suitcase and stood up, pulling my shirt down a little. I was wearing this: I turned around to see my teary eyed best friend. I sighed and open my arm so we could hug, again. I really hated to leave. The only reason I am leaving is because of that stupid fight at school. Let me explain because you might be confused.


This girl and I have been going at it for some time now. She calls me name, I flick her off. So on and so on. Well to weeks ago she said something about my brother. She said, I quote "He is the gayiest person alive. He should just kill himself. Not like anyone will care if he died. And he´s so fat and ugly and ewww! I just feel like throwing up!" Yeah she said those exact words. So I stood up, ran towards her, knocked her out of her sit and to the floor, where I pounded her until her nose and lip were bleeding. I also gave her a black eye that is still able to be seen with out all that cover up.


I know what you guys are thinkin 'wow, meanie' but no. I am not mean. I am actually very nice. Unless you get on my bad side, which is were she was at. Well long story short, I got suspended and my step-mom got really angry at me. She disided that for my punishment, I will be sent to London to be 'the guy who caused the fight'. Thats what she said.


"He has nothing to do with the fight! He didnt cause any of it!" I yelled at her after she said that then stormed out slamming my door and calling Harry. He' agreed that I could stay with him and the 'lads' as they say in england I guess. So two weeks later I am here crying with my best friend beacuse I wont be able to see her in a while.


"Oh and remember to call me right after your flight. Like right after you get off the plane. I swearif you dont I will personally go to London and knock you out, then come back to the U.S and wait for that call," She said jockingly. She sniffled a bit while I laughed through my tears.



"Then in that case I wont call. Just so you can come to London and I can see you!" I said. We untanglee ourselves from the hug and she helped me pick up two from my five suitcases. Is that a lot? I dont think so considering I am going to be living there for so long.


We walked out of my room and down the stairs where my dad saw us struggling to get the fifth luggage. He ran over and grabbed two, the fith one that none of us were carrying and the one that I was carrying. I was weaker that Viv.


After we threw the luggage to the boot, (See I am turning british) Vivian hopped in the car to give me and my parents some privacy. We hugged and cried for a bit then said our final goodbyes. Which took about 10 minutes. Which means I have exacly 45 minutes to get to the airport.


The whole ride there, Viv and I made memories. Including screaming our favorite band songs, One Direction of course. We made a stop at Mc.Donalds. Played I spy, and many other games, then talked about how woderful the UK would be.


The fun was over before we knew it be because we were standing infront of the ticket booth, hugging and going through the rules on when I shpuld call and all of that. We pulled away and I handed the women my ticket and the desk who was giving me a sad smile. I smiled back and turned around to see Viv waving at me. I waved back and started walking towards my plane.


                                                      ~After the flight~


I sighed and grabed all 5 of my suitcases, putting them in the stroll thingy instead of having to carry them. I looked around and saw like 200 girls in the airport. Stupid Harry dosen't know how to keep a secret.


I took a seat and in one of the chairs and called Vivian.



I smiled and said "I miss you to. I am waiting for Harry and there are tons of fans here and come on its been like 13 hours and you cant be that lonley."


"Yeah your right. I am throwing a party next weekend," She sighed before continung,"Obviosly its not going to be that fun without you here. But I was thinking maybe we can Skype that say and put it on a big screen for all the people that misses you can see you and you can see them.And seriously, Harry is late. That idiot."


I chuckled and nodded " I know that and  by the way I love the idea you are so intelligent! I gotta go my phone is dying is in like 10%! NOOOOOO!!!" I faked cryed. We said our goodbyes and I promised her I was going to call her from Harry's phone or from the phone from the house. I was about to call Harry before my phone died until I heard that the girls screaming became louder and I realized it was Harry. I stood untop of my suitcases so that he could see me.


It worked. He spotted me and smiled widley . Showing of his dimples. I smiled back showing my dimples and jumped off my stuff. We ran into one another and collide into a hug, him carrying me so my feet didnt touch the floor.


"Oh my god I missed you so much, Bianca!" He whispered into my hair. I just nodded trying to fight back my tears.


We unraped ourselves from the hug. Someone behind Harry cleared his throte and we turned around. We saw 4 lads that I have only see in pictures, YouTube and Skype. I never met the boys in person.


Louis ran towards me hugging me tightly "I missed you so much Bianca. Its been like for-ever girl. What like 20 bagillion years. Ugh give me a proper hug sistah!" He said in a high pitched girly voice.


I laughed and he set me down. "Wow you are preetier in person" He said

"And you are cuter in person!" I said which made him laugh and made the fans scream louder.


I went to the next boy to happened to be Liam.

"Hello Its nice to finally meet you,love." I smiled at him. I moved on to Niall. He and I opened our arms. Move backwards a little and tackled each other in a hug. Then came Zayn.


"Hey Zayn its nice to finally meet you in person after almost 3 years."

We hugged and smelled his cologne.


My crush for him is getting stronger at the time. Oh and did I mention I was going to tour with them. YAY! 









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