Who Am I?

Allison is a 14 years old girl who just want to have a family. When her mom died, she told her to find her father, which is the only one Liam Payne. How gonna Liam react? Will the others lads and their kids accpet her? Will someone fall in love?
Sorry guys, I speak french, so if there is mistakes... And it's my first movellas so pleaz no hate.


1. WHAT!?

Allison POV

I was in front of it. The BIG house of my father, my REAL father. “Ok, Allie, it’s just a normal day. It’s just a normal guy, it’s just a normal house.” I said to myself. I walked to the door, and -I don’t know how - I knocked on it. A 15-16 years old boy –who was actually very cute- opened the door. “Hi, heumm… I’d like to see… heumm… this guy.” I gave him the sheet with the picture of my dad on it. “Heumm… why?” He said. I just couldn’t say him the truth! “Well… I just want to see him. Please!” I said. “Who are you? Are you a fan” He said. Me? A fan of an OLD boys band? No way! “Nope. And I’m Allison.” He nodded and yelled my father’s name. “LIAM!!!!!!” Another 15-16 years old boy came -he was cute to ;) - “Who wants to see him?” The second said. “Her. Oh, and I’m Joey and this is Max.” The first one -Joey- said. I nodded and smiled. And then, I saw him. Liam. “Hi… Heumm… who are you?” He said. “I know this will be kinda rude, but I’m your daughter.” I said. He laugh. Why? What’s so funny with it? “Heumm… I’m serious.” He stopped to laugh. He closed the door behind him. “Sorry sweat heart, but I don’t have any daughter, just three boys.” He said. “Well, I’m your daughter. My mom died in a car accident and told me to find you. She gave me this letter.” I said giving him the letter. He read the letter. I saw his face changing to sadness and madness to. He just ran inside the house, living me alone outside. I started to panic. It was supposed to be this way! I’ve got no house! Shit! In the past one mouth, I was in an orphanage, but I escaped. I was tired of it, it was boring and anybody wanted to talk to me. In my thought, he would hug me and I would live happy days with him, but no. He just shut the door on my face, living me alone. I took my only suitcase and walked to the closer bench. I started to cry.

Liam’s POV

OMG! I’ve got a daughter! OMG! WTF!? “What’s the madder dad?” Will asked. “Nothing Will, I’m alright.” I answered. “Who was she?” Edward asked walking in the living room. “Nobody.” I answered getting anxious. “She don’t look like nobody, she look like you.” James said, getting in. “SHE IS MY DAUGHTER! OKAY!? YOUR SISTER!” I yelled. Their faces changed. Will ran outside. James followed him, with Edward. And after like ten seconds, Molly Horan, Max Styles, Joey Tomlinson and Tommy Styles followed them. I started to panic. I left my daughter alone outside! Shit!

Will POV

I saw her, she was beautiful. I ran to her. She looked at me. “Why are you here?” She asked. “Hi, I’m Will… your… brother.” I answered, not sure of her reaction. “Ah…” She answered. The others came to us, Molly, Max, Joey, Tommy and James and Edward were all looking at her. We saw dad got out of the house and ran to us. “Allison! Wait!” He yelled. After, he looked at us at asked us to get in the house.

Allison POV

“Allison! I was just shocked! Sorry for my stupid reaction. But we kinda need to talk alright?” He said. I nodded. “So, my mom was Ginny Guars. And she died in car crash there’s a month of it. My mom asked me to go in an orphanage, for a month. And after, to try to find you. So, I did it. And now, here I am.” I said. He nodded. “Allison, you will came in, and live with us. Ok? And we’re gonna start all over and have a normal life, and live like a family, with James, Edward and Will. Ok?” He asked. I nodded again. He hugged me tightly. I just realized that I had a family. It was so nice. Liam got up and walked to the door. I followed him quietly. We entered in his house and there was like 50 kids and teens in front of me. “Oh… Allison, this is the kids of the others lads. This is Louis’s child, Joey, Stacy, Rarity, Dave and Philip. This is Harry’s children, Darcy, Max, Romie and Masson. Niall’s, Molly, Justin and Natalie. Zayn’s children are Kelly, Ben and Christopher. And there are your brothers, Will, James and Edward. So, yeah! We’re a lot, but the house is bigger enough for all of you.” Max, Joey and Ben were kinda cute, but my favorite one was Max. He looked a year or two older then I. He had brown curly hair and green eyes. “Heumm… Hi?!” I said unsure. “Hi Ally. Can I call you this?” Max said. I nodded and smiled. “Follow your brothers, they will help you to unpack. And they will show you where your bedroom is.” Liam said. I nodded. I followed them upstairs. They showed me a room, a really big one. “Heumm, this is your bedroom. Oh, and like Dad said, I’m Will, and I am 15. This is James and he is 17 and this is Edward, 18. And how old are you?” Will said. He looked nice. “I’m actually 14.” He smiled. They bring me to a giant room. OMG! SO NICE! It was incredible! There were 2 blue walls and the others were black. I never saw a most beautiful room. The guys helped me unpacked and we listened some music. After like, an hour of unpacking, every thing was ready for my new lie.


Hello guys! It's me! Heum, I don't wanna say my real name so just call me Danielle. Anyway, it's my first movellas so it's not very good, but I just wanna try. Like I said it before, I speak french so it's SURE that there is spelling mistakes or grammar or anything else, but there's mistakes. Hope you like it, and PLEAZ no hate.

Love, Dani




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