Teenage Kings

As a new student at HBHS (Huntington Beach High School), Kaylynn is trying to make a new start. Despite her belief, making new friends isn't that hard for her. She meets three boys who are eager to be her friend. But as her social life rises, she realizes that there are many more meanings to the word "like" when it comes to boys. Crushes, let-downs, drama, and cat fights. This will be a school year she will never forget.


1. Chapter One


     I had butterflies, my stomach felt like it had flipped upside down. I swallowed hard and walked into the front gates of the school. I made my way to the front office to get my schedule. I was ten minutes late on my first day of school, what a great way to start off my year.

    I greeted the secretary with a shaky mumbled hello and gave her my name. She handed me my schedule without any reply. 

     I had missed homeroom. I made my way to my first class. Of course I had no idea where room 233 is so I was stuck walking aimlessly throughout the school halls. I heard laughing from the stairwell. Three boys emerged from the adjacent hallway.They stopped their conversations and looked at me. A smile formed from each of their lips. 

    "You look lost." One of the shorter boys said. He had wavy curls that bounced with every movement of his head. He spoke with a cheeky smile.

       I cleared my throat. "Well, um, that's because I am." I replied hardly able to look at him.

     "You must be new here then." The older looking blonde boy said. He had a few tattoos on his arm and one on his chest. 

    I nodded as he took my schedule. "Oof you have Mrs. Pharther . She's a real you-know-what." He chuckled. "We can show you the way if you'd like." 

    All I could do was nod. I didn't want to end up saying something stupid on my first day here. Especially in front of these really cute guys. 

    I followed them down a series of hallways and stair cases. Where they brought me to was not a class room at all. It was a rather large closet. "Guys, I have class. I can't skip my first." I said. Truthfully I wasn't the kind of girl who skips class and hangs out with people I don't even know the names of. 

    They all turned and looked at me. "Don't worry.." the blonde paused not knowing my name.

     "Kaylynn" I said.

 He nodded his head and continued. "Kaylynn. It's just Mrs. Pharther, you should be thanking us. We are saving you from a period of hell." He kept his smile on.

     I really wanted to start this year off on my right foot. I wanted to have friends this time around. I gave up and sat on the floor joining the circle they sat in. I put my bag to the side. 

     "To start this thing off I believe we should go around telling you our names. I'm Drew, Drew Chadwick." Blondie smiled and turned towards the short friend beside him. 

    The boy smiled "I'm Keaton. I have so many nick names though. You can call me whatever comes to mind." He spoke with a goofy tone. He nudge the guy next to him to signify it was his turn to introduce himself. 

    The last boy cleared his throat before he began to speak, He had a snapback placed loosely on the top of his head. "Well I'm Wesley Stromberg," he pointed to Keaton. "His older brother." He looked a me with a crooked smile.

    We sat quietly for a moment before I realized it was my turn to tell my name. "Oh um, yeah sorry, uh I'm Kaylynn. My last name's really weird but it is Zambarano. Everyone usually just calls me KZ or KK." I was so nervous right now. I was never good at making friends nevermind talking to them. 

    They smiled. "Well it's really cool to meet you KZ," Keaton said emphasizing my nick name. "What grade are you in?" 

     "Well, um, I'm halfway through my sophomore year." I swallowed hard. Why am I so awkward?

   Wesley laughed a bit. "You alright? You seem stiff." He laughed and looked from me to his friends. "I think she needs a puff or two to relax." 

    What's a puff? What is he talking about? 

     Drew elbowed Wesley making him croak. "Don't talk about stuff like that she's seems like a good girl. Let's not corrupt this one. Alright?" 

   Wesley nodded and held the side of him that Drew had hurt. 

    Keaton chuckled and looked at me. "You can chill, we're cool. We won't judge you." 

    I smiled and looked down a bit embarrassed that they all could tell how tense I am.

   We spent the rest of the period hanging out in the closet. They gave me some valuable advice about the school and the students in it. I even got invited to hang out with them and their other friends after school.

     Wow that was fast. I already have three real friends. 

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