Maybe It's the Way He Walked

I walked through the double doors of our old and musty high school, i listened to the sound of my heavy combat boots against the tile flooring that needed repairing. I walked up to my locker and slowly put the combination in. I opened it with a creak as i slung my book bag off i my shoulder and into my locker. A "Populars" walked up to me and put his hand against the locker next to mine. "Hey, babe, can i take you home with me tonight?" He says smirking. I laugh, and stair into his green eyes. "Never in your wildest dreams," I say returning the smirk. "C'mon, Violet," Harry calls after me, giving me a sarcastic pouty tone.

I laugh and throw my head back as i walk into Brit. History.


1. History

      I walked into the classroom siting at my usual desk as Harry comes in behind me. I glare at him and he just stands there with that stupid grin in his face. No doubt that it was gorgeous, he was just so full of him self. 

"Lauren, can i take u home with me, babe?"he says with a smirk. 

I laughed and threw my head back. "Never in your wildest dreams Hazza," I say returning the smirk. 

      The teacher talks on an on about the random history that nobody cares about, i sat there and doodled in my notebook. A green paper air plain lands on my desk, i look around the room searching for the culprit, and suprise suprise, it was From none oter than Harry. I rolled my eyes and unfolded the note. It read;

Dear, Lauren,

I know what your thinking. I'm just asking you out because i was dared, well that's not the case. I sincerely do like you and really , i want to know, will you go out with me?

I swallowed hard, i looked at Harry, he smiled, but not the selfish smirk he always has, this was different. I slowly looked down at my feet. All of these thoughts were flying around in my head, butterfly's were doing backflips in my stomach. It was like my body was a five star circus. 


A/N: okay so i hope you all enjoy this as much as i do writing it!!!! Comment me telling me your feed back, i would appreciate likes, comments and favourites. So I'm looking forward to that as well!!!!! Thnx 

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