17 year old Ava Gage has psychometric senses or powers. She feels guilty for having her "gift" and not knowing what to do. After coming home from school one day her mother decides to pack up and leave town. Ava in her new school meets Bishop Blake. Instantly she has a flash of his death. Ava with developing powers warns Bishop. After saving Bishop who was destined to die death gets mad at Ava who also is preventing others death. Ava has to tap in magic she has never used. Meet others like her who call themselves "witches". To fight one of deaths warrior. In a win or death challenge. Would she sacrifice the people she cares for the most?


1. Losing

           Kids walked with their heads down. The smile the sky has is now sad. Flowers seemed droopy. Today for me wasn't any normal "I'm going to school day." It's... a mourning day. I usually never mourn the dead kid at our school. I apologize because I would have known they were going to die. It's part of my psychometry. I walk inside my school. I hear all kinds of gossip about "The dead girl." All of their stupid little comments about Allison makes me mad. They make me want to scream in their faces  "'The dead girl' has a name you know! Her name is Allison Scott!" Death was nothing new to me. I just never expected it to be Allison. It all happened a few days ago when Allison had touched me with great emotions and instantly I had a flash. My powers also known as "my wicked" doesn't come like that.

             Just when I was going to the cafeteria I see a girl stomping over to Allison's locker and taping a crooked picture. Was it ... Rebecca? Is she crying? Out of the nowhere her friends are surrounding Allison's locker and crying with her making a scene. What. The. Hell. Rebecca starts supposedly fainting. A teacher immediately comes and prevents her from "falling." How pathetic. Rebecca wasn't even Allison's friend. I was... I was her best friend. Their little crying show is so fake! They actually had the guts to cry for Allison when they made her life a living hell? My best friend was very smart, calm, compassionate, and beautiful. Just for that they teased her. After Rebecca's little scene they took her to the counselors office. 

             Before I knew it I'm in front of Allison's locker. Admiring her picture that is now hanging loosely. The tips of my fingers touch her picture and...


"Good thing that Allison girl is dead!" I say in my head angry. "No one is gonna' steal my man. Cuz' Steven is mine! All mine no one else!" I stomp to Allison's locker and tape the picture I had printed from the year book. "I'll show him that I do care for people even though they're dead. I'll show him today. Just watch Steven!" I say even angrier in my head. Tears of fall from my cheeks. "Now this might work better than I thought."




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