The Heart Bleeds

The witnessing of a heart wrenching situation causes Draco Malfoy to make a drastic decisions. One that could haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written for the Fandom competition


1. The Burning Pain

I stood there transfixed, I couldn't take my eyes of her and yet I knew that if I didn't she'd be killed. My heart had ached as Harry, Ron and Hermione had been dragged into the drawing room by the snatchers. It had been months since I last saw Hermione. It felt like years since I held her in my arms, that last time, those few stolen hours by the black lake. As I watched her now, my heart felt like it would rise into my throat, then my father called my name.

"Draco, Draco come here. Look, is it Potter?" I clenched my teeth together and walked over. I crouched down by my father and looked into Potters face. It was red and puffy, obviously the result of a stinging charm. I could hear my father's excitement at the prospect of handing Potter over to the dark lord.

"I don't know, maybe. Yeah" I said not really caring but still looking into his face.

"But Draco, we need to be sure. If we are to be the ones to hand Potter over to the dark lord Draco, all our sins will be forgotten."

"But we wont be forgetting, who found him" Said Fenrir Greyback. He reeked of blood and dirt.

I hated the sight of him and so did my father, who flinched as he spoke.

My father turned to him and began to argue with him, I looked into Potter's face and winked before standing up straight and walking back to my place by the fireplace. Then I heard a voice that went through me.

"Sissy, what's going on here?" My aunt, Bellatrix who had always scared me and who had killed Sirius Black two years previously. She walked into the drawing room and moved to stand next to my mother who was eying me warily. I could see Hermione shaking under the restraints of the ropes binding her to potter and Weasley, she caught my eye and stifled a cry by biting her lip.

"They say they have caught Harry Potter" My mother said in a cool calm voice her arms crossed over her chest.

"POTTER!" My aunt screamed. Her voice ricocheted through my body like a gun shot. She looked into Potter's face and weighed up the possibilities.

"Are you sure. If we are to call the dark lord we must be certa-" She broke off, she was looking at one of the snatchers stood behind Greyback. Something silver was catching the light of the chandelier so that it reflected onto my Aunt's face.

"What is that?" She said in a terrified, shaky voice. I had never heard her like this. She sounded afraid.

"A sword madam, I found it in their tent" The death eater replied.

"Give it to me" She said extending her arm out to him. He retaliated by hiding the sword behind his back.

"STUPEFY!" I heard her shout, and a streak of red blasted from her wand and hit the death eater in the chest. He toppled backwards and the sword clanged to the ground.

"Take the prisoners and lock them in the cellar. Leave the girl" My heart ran cold when she said it. My head shot to Hermione who had closed her eyes. Her lip quivering with fright.

"Do it. NOW!" She screamed. I bent my head as Bellatrix took Hermione by the arm and dragged her to the middle of the room. She held her close to her face and looking into her eyes. She then held her wand to her throat and whispered the spell.

"Crucio" I flinched as Hermione's scream rippled through my core causing me to shudder. I heard Weasley in the cellar scream her name, I imagined him running round the cellar trying to find a way out but of course there wasn't. Bellatrix let go of Hermione who fell to the ground panting and shook with pain. I saw a glint of silver as my aunt pulled a knife out of her boot.

"Where did you get that sword? YOUVE BEEN INSIDE MY VAULT. WHAT ELSE DID YOU TAKE?"

"Nothing. We didn't take anything" Hermione cried, tears flowing down onto her perfect cheeks.

"LIES!" My aunt screamed, she pinned Hermione down as she carved the letters of mudblood into her arm. She screamed and writhed underneath my aunts restraints. She cried harder and my eyes began to water under the torture.


"No we've never met him before!"

"Draco!" My aunt shouted me and I cleared my throat


"Go and get the goblin from the cellar" I nodded and walked to the door, I turned back and looked at Hermione who's eyes were glazed with and expression of pain. When the door closed behind me I ran as fast as I could to the cellar. I burst through the cellar door to see Harry, Ron, Luna Lovegood, Olivander the wand maker (who I had forgotten about) Dean Thomas and Griphook the goblin. Ron was panting, and had tears in his eyes. I quickly cast the silencio charm so that my father couldn't hear and began taking furiously fast.

"Please you've got to help, Hermione. My aunt please!" I screamed and Harry just stood there nodding.

"You have to help her" I said breathlessly through the cascade of tears.

"Let us out and we might be able to" Harry replied.

"If he finds out he'll kill me" I said shuddering at the thought.

"Then come with us" Ron replied.

"You want to live, and you want Hermione to live." he carried on.

I nodded furiously and he nodded too.

"Please help" I begged and Harry stood there thinking.

Griphook cleared his throat and stepped forward.

"The sword is a fake. I will lie long enough for you to get yourselves out of here." I let out a sigh of relief. I took hold of the goblin and led him up the stairs back to the drawing room.


When I got back my aunt was bent over Hermione who looked unconscious, I cleared my throat as I entered and my aunt looked up at me.

"Ah Draco, what took you so long?"

"I was just giving the prisoners a lesson" I said putting on a fake evil grin. Inside I was dying. Just a few more minutes and then I could hold her.

As the goblin was being questioned under the watch of my father and aunt, I walked to my mother who held me hand. She lent in and whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry" She said and I felt a pang in my heart. She knew of my love for Hermione.

"What do you mean?"

"Draco dear, you have tears in your eyes, I know you love her." I closed my eyes and hummed a lullaby to myself. I counted down from 50 in my head to try and compose myself but it just made me more nervous.

Bellatrix had raised her wand and pointed it at the goblin when the door to the cellar burst open and Ron and Harry and dobby ran through. I stood there taking in the sight of my ex house elf before Harry screamed my name and brought me back to earth.

I pulled my wand out and disarmed my aunt who looked around in a field of fury. I pulled my mother by her wrist and ran towards Hermione, who smiled at me weakly before holding her other hand out to harry who was clutching onto Ron then as one we all twisted into darkness. The blurred sight of my aunts silver knife flying through the air disappeared from sight as we descended into the darkness.


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