Protect you

Faith and Nichole are 17 and finishing in high school. One night they go to a club and find out two boys of One Direction are there. When they are in danger and the boys come to the rescue they find out these two boys are not what they go as. What are they and what will happen? Read to find out~(You can also read this on wattpad :) Link: )


1. Prologue

~Faith's P.O.V~

 My Name is Faith Zappulla,I am 17. My last name is Italian which is why it sounds so weird. My mom is Originally from England but I take most after my father, I get my Italian side from him. I have brown hair but I bleach it so I am always just bleach blonde and I have brown eyes. My parents divorced when I was 12 and it was hard because we had a strong bond so when I was stuck with my mom I had no chance but to become more close to her which is why I became more girlie. I live in Albany, New York. Since it is in Ney York it's all buildings. Albany is a really small town yet I don't get to go out much! Not that there is really anything to do around here. I go to Albany High school, ya named after our town I hate that because then it gives our school no special name. It's a pretty small High school I know a lot of people but my Best Friend is Nichole Gomez. We've been bestfriends since kindergarten, but lets not get into her so much. 

 ~Nichole's P.O.V.~ 

 My Name is Nichole Gomez., I am 17 turning 18 soon! My mom is caucasian so I look white and everyone thinks I am white but I have brown eyes and brown hair, which is from my dad, also explains my last name. My mom is always working she's like the dad and my dad is like the mom he works but he's home more and puts family first unlike my mom who focuses on work more then everything including herself. I live in Albany, New York a small town in New York. It may be small but easy to look up! I go to Albany High School it's real lame. But it has the most amazing person ever! My Bestfriend Faith Zappulla! I can't do anything without her so if I die she will probably die with me, we're like a team. There's only one thing I envy in her is she's an only child. Well kind of she has a half sister named Maya but, Maya lives with Faith's dad who is all the way in California. I have two brothers one is in college thank god. But the other is still living with me and he's horrible! I am disolved in my family even way, I look at Faith as the sister I never had and the only family member I'd like.


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