9/11 Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction


1. Introduction

[9/11 Fanfiction: introduction]

[This book is dedicated to my friend Jessica Frankel. Rest in peace Jess I love and miss you]
Hey, my name is Jessica Velastro. I'm 18 years old from a family with crazy Italians. Other than that I'm a senior in high school. I live in New York City. Born and raised here I love it. It's the city of lights and dreams. I have 2 sisters Hailey is my younger sister and Kelsey is my my older sister she's a sophomore in collage. My sisters and I are pretty close. I'm a gymnast in training for the Olympics. I know crazy right? It's my dream I love it more than anything. My life is crazy busy on Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday I spend 3 hours and then 6 hours on the weekends in the gym for gymnastics. I'm only training this much because I'm training for the Olympics.  And not only that I gymnastics meets all the time and I have a job at a my families pizzeria. It's a lot, I know. And how could I forget? I have a amazing boyfriend, Justin. We've been together for a little over a year now. I love him. I'm in love with him but, I haven't told him that yet.
Oh but my life isn't as picture perfect as it seems. I do love in New York and 12 years ago my father was killed in the terrorist attack of nine eleven and I was with him. I made it out alive but my father wasn't as lucky.

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