Short Stories

Just some short stories I was asked to write at school. Hope you like them :)


1. English

As home study, I was told to write the begging of a short story with the inspiration from the picture below and I got a B- for it. Enjoy!

I had to get away. I'm bullied at school and I just can't take it any longer.I have one friend, but she doesn't stand up for me. She just sits back and watches. I escaped during lunch. It's pouring outside; at least I have an umbrella. I'm debating whether  i should go home. They know where I live though, and could easily find me. However, there is one place I can go, not far from here, which they don't know about. Especially not in weather like this.

Last week, I managed to find something like an underground bunker at the local park. Almost like  a wolves' den. It's well concealed behind a bush, there's a trap door under leaves and twigs and no-one will find it. I can hide there. 

On my way, I was walking as fast as I could to get to the park. The rain had soaked into my bones; I was shivering from head to toe. The annoying smell that came with the rain lingered upon my nostrils. The smell that smelled damp and miserable yet fresh and natural. As bitter wind blew vigorously across my face, my whole body shook; I clasped the umbrella tighter and quickened my pace down the road.

Twas a glum day; grey sky. The sound of lots of traffic buzzed in my ear-drums. It ought to be rush hour with the amount of traffic and lights whizzing by. It began to rain harder with the tapping of the rain on the top of the umbrella hard to miss. I was nearly at the park. No-one likes me. I don't know where my life is going! It was then, across the street, that our eyes met. The eyes connected to the love of my life...

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