Broke My Heart (1D Fanfic)

Carly, Paris, Shayana, Sutton and Ariana's dreams come true when they get to spend five days with the 1D boys. But five guys and five girls. Things are bound to happen


1. Chapter One


Carly's POV

"Carly darling." I heard my mother say to me.
"What?" I said angrily, this was the fourth time she had interrupted my one direction song and I had to pause it,
"You know what? Never mind." She said sweetly.
"Ugh mum stop talking to me then." 
"I was just gonna say that your father met 1D's manager on the plane back to California and said that the boys would love to meet you and your friends." Did I just hear her right?!

"Mum what the fuck?!" I yelled. She laughed.
"Are you freakin serious? How long for?" She smiled.
"You girls can fly over tomorrow and stay for 5 days." Five days with Niall, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam it's a dream come true! I immediately got out my phone and texted my girls;

To: Ariana, Shayana, Paris, Sutton

'Omg guys! We are meeting 1D tomorrow!!' 

Then I sat back in the car, it wasn't long before they all replied;

Ariana; 'wtf? How?

Replied quickly to her saying to come around at 7 with all her stuff packed ready for the 5 o'clock flight to the UK.

Shayana; 'haha nice try Carly.' 

Fuck you too I thought before texting her the same thing as Ariana.

Sutton; 'should I believe you?' 

I laughed quietly to myself

Paris; 'OMFG R U SERIOUS!!!!!' 

Even texting Paris was loud. 

Paris' POV 

I wasn't really sure if I could believe Carly but I was sure she wouldn't lie about something like this so I packed my suitcase and walked down to her house and about 6:50 Shayana was there, on time as usual I thought. 
"Pariiiii." I heard Carly chortle.
I giggled
"Hey Carlyyyy." I replied hugging her.
"When the others get here ill explain did you bring your clothes?" Wow I thought if this is a trick its a good one.
"Of course." She smiled. 

A little while later Ariana and Sutton arrived. Ariana thought it was a joke and Sutton, well she being as gullible as she is believed every word Carly told us. Me and Shayana weren't too sure considering it wouldn't be the first time Carly had tricked us, we both decided to wait until morning and see what happens.

Sutton's POV 

I lay on one of Carly's mattresses thinking how lucky was to have such amazing friends, I can't believe we are actually going to meet one direction, the other girls are a little bit skeptical but I just know that Carly wouldn't lie to us about this. Would she? I sighed tiredly then rolled over and closed my eyes nervous about what tomorrow will bring. 

It seemed like only moments passed when I felt Ariana shove me awake.
"God Ari its..." I looked at my phone
"Christ it's only 4:00 what the hell?" She rolled her eyes.
"We're catching a plane to the UK remember?" She said exasperated. How could I forget? 
"So we are actually going?" I asked excitedly.
"Looks like it." She answered heading into the bathroom to get dressed. 

I stretched and stood up the other girls were already dressed and ready.
"Sutton hurry up like seriously!" Carly said to me.
"Ok ok." 

Shayana's POV

It was 5:15 and the plane we were on had just left Florida, any doubt about Carly tricking us was on and replaced by excitement . Our flight was 13 hours long to the UK then a 2 hour car trip to the beach house where we would meet the boys. I must admit, I was nervous about meeting the boys what if they didn't like us? What if we didn't like them? 
"Shay?" I heard Paris say, I looked at her.
"Are you worrying again?" 
"No." I lied I always worry about everything. She gave me a 'I know your lying' look but said nothing more. Sighing I dosed off thinking about Liam. 

Well that's the first chapter hope you enjoyed it! Vote and follow/fan me:)

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