My Insane Love Life

A girl named Caroline has lost her fiancee to her step sister and now she is going to look for her true love. So to get away from her troubles she leaves Georgia (and no she doesn't have a southern ascent, thats just a STEREOTYPE) and goes to Bahamas for a vacation to get a new start with her best friend Cierra.


1. CHAPTER 1- Cheating Bastard $_$

I was walking into a bridle shop to look for a gorgeous wedding dress I've been looking for one over 7 months and not one caught my eye and my wedding's in 2 months. My future husbands name is Michael. He proposed to me at one of my dad's event's that was to promote his new law firm, it was kind of crazy because who does that but I'm the crazy one to love crazy people. He is so freaking sexy it should be a law against him and he should be put in jail. he has been begging me to have sex with him for over the two years we've been together, but I won't have sex with him until were married and yes I am a virgin. Michael and I are both 23 I am trying to become a lawyer and he is trying to become a surgeon. 

My dad is filthy rich but I still don't live off of his money, well kind of because I work at his law firm as one of his employees secretary. My sister well not my biological sister Marisa has been looking for the right guy and I kind of thank that she is jealous of my relationship with Michael. She is not my biological sister because when I was 12 years old my mother died of breast cancer and my dad had to take care of me on his on. He didn't show it around me but I could tell he was really sad. Some nights when he use to thank I was sleep I could hear him cry softly when I use to leave my room. 

He then meet my step-sister Marisa's mother Abby at a cafe. He told me that even though he was moving on he didn't want me to thank he was replacing my mother. Even though I don't like her I still smiled and told him it was ok to re-marry. They got married when I was 16 years old and they were very happy and in love.

"Welcome to Magnifique Tout Autour would you like my assistants." A lady that looked around 40 something asked me in her sweet tone. 

"Thank you but no thank you."

 "Hey Caroline you ready to look around I can't wait to help you look for your dress" she said sounding like there was a little sarcasm in her voice. 

"Yea sure let's start on the right side." 

"Ok" she said. 

The reason why I said that it sounded like it was sarcasm was because she has been looking for that right person for a long time. She sometimes gets on my nevers with the bickering about how I found that perfect guy and she wants what I have. She has been sleeping around a lot lately with guys and there's one in her life but I don't thank its serious because she hasn't told me about him and were like best friends. Her phone suddenly rings and she reads a text. "Sorry I have to go" she said apologetic to me after reading the text."but we just got here you cant leave now" I said sounding a little annoyed. "I'm sorry but I have to leave, I can come back, probably, how long do you think you will stay." "I don't know around 2 hours or more if I try them on." "Ok I will come back in a hour" she says walking out the door. 

I continue looking at the dresses for around ten minutes but still don't see anything I like. I just get frustrated and leave to go back to the apartment since my car isn't that far, I can't text or call Marisa to tell her she doesn't have to come because I have a strict no drinking, texting, calling, or anything distracting while driving policy. When I get to the parking deck I suddenly realise that Michael is home early from work so I then think that I should probably scare him to death. Him and I have been doing that lately don't ask me why it's just fun. When I got to the door I was so sneaky that I could become a ninja, I noticed he wasn't in the living room or kitchen so I tried the bedroom next. When I was about to open the door I heard something disturbing. "O my God Marisa" he said with a moan.

Those words killed me right then and there. So to get them startled I walked down stairs open and slammed the door then walked up stairs then I saw a nervous Michael leaning on the door frame. "What are you doing home so early" he said nervously. "This is my apartment isn't it, I can come home when ever I can can't I" I said trying not to sound angry. "yea but-" "shut up you son of a bitch" I said pushing him out of the way. "Hey Marisa who have been letting in lately" I said slightly loud. She had the cover over her whole upper body and was smirking at me. "Apparently you fiancee over the past 2 weeks" she said evily. I then walked over to her and looked at my ring which had small diamonds surrounding one big diamond. "You want to know what else this ring is good for" "What" she asked probably not wanting the answer. Then I gave her the answer. A second later she had a bruise on her temple with a imprint of a big diamond and small diamonds and blood dripping from her head.

I then blacked out after that and a couple of minutes later I was being held on the floor by Michael looking at me like I was crazy. Then it all came back to me after I hit her in the face I grabbed her hair pulled her off the bed punched her in the eye kicked her in the stomach threw her on the floor then I kicked her in the face three times then got on top of her and started punching her on her sides and was pulled off by Michael and was held down. "THOSE BOXING LESSONS REALLY PAID OFF MARISA DIDN'T IT" I yelled to her. "GET OFF ME YOU LYING MAN WHORE DIRTY LYING CHEATING BASTARD" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "are you calm now" he said looking worried. "What a dumb ass question you idiot now get the fuck off me before I rip off you Dick and shove it down your throat to make you suffocate" I said in my most calm voice and if you knew me when I say it in a calm voice that's when I get dangerous. 

He got off me looking little scared then I noticed Marisa at the other side of the room looking extremely scared then I noticed the damage I had done to her face. She had a black eye with messy blonde hair and the same mark I had punched her with my ring was swelling with the rest of her face. "Get the fuck out or I will definitely show you damage when I get done with the both of you" "can I just say-" "Nope get the hell out before I rip out your tonsils" I said way too calm which meant I really did mean it. They just stood there for a second. "GET THE FUCK OUT BEFORE I KILL YOU BOTH AND THROW YOUR LIFE LESS BODY'S IN THE DEEP SEA AND IF YOU wasn't DEAD BEFORE YOU WOULD TOTALY BE DEAD AFTER, WHEN YOU HAVE WEIGHTS ON THE BOTTOM OF YOUR FEET TO MAKE YOU DROWN. They both looked at me terrified and got there clothes super fast and ran out my apartment. I ripped the covers off the bed and put them in the trash down stairs when I came back up stairs I just then realise that all the late night working was a lie and he was totally screwing that broad and he didn't even care about what would happen if I found out. I felt a set of tears forming but I quickly blinked them away. I told myself I wasn't cry over that two timing whore.

I knew I should tell my dad so I pulled out my phone and I called up my dad. 

"hey sweetie how are you to day." 

"O good other than I hate Marisa, my weddings off , our stock's are up, O did I mention I hate Marisa." 

"ok why do you hate Marisa, what happened with the wedding, I'm really happy about the stock's, and o, I don't know why do you hate Marisa." 

"lets start off with the wedding Michael cheated on me and I hate Marisa because she was the one who he cheated with" I said feeling more tears form in my eyes. 

"Damn tears stay back" I said to myself. 

My dad was quite for a couple of minutes and for a second I thought my phone had cut off. 

"hello any body there" I asked. 

"O sorry honey I was just thinking, ok so I will talk to Marisa right after I hang up and you just stay calm and don't do anything you will regret." 

"dad I thank its a little to late to say that." 

"What did you do this time." he asked in a concerned tone. 

"I may have giving her a black eye, a bruise, and a swollen face." 

"ok let me just call her and we can talk this threw over lunch with Abby and Marisa" he said a little scared probably because I might try to kill her. 

"don't worry dad I'm going to be on my best behaviour" probably because if she says anything to me annoying I will snap her neck. 

"thank you and remember your doing this for me ok." 

"ok I will definitely have to keep that in mind, love you see you tomorrow" 

"love you too see you" he said and with that we hung up.

*Author's Note* :D

This is my first ever story so don't get annoyed if I don't have great ability with writing but, PLEASE KEEP READING cause if you don't I might just cry. JK, anyways please comment. When you comment if you thank I should improve anything just message me and I will definitely listen to you.

Thank You for reading and please continue :) i ♥ u

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