From My Heart, To Yours.

Letter: The exchange of written or printed communications. A story of happiness and sadness; pain and joy; love and hurt. All in the form of letters. From one heart, to another.


1. Prologue.

Funny, isn’t it? One day, your life is like a bed of roses but in the next moment, your world falls apart; shattering you, breaking you completely. You feel miserable, hopeless and in a desperate need of love and affection. But when your life is devoid of any positive thoughts, you turn to the negative side, letting all your hidden darkness take over you.

Life is terrifying and it works in mysterious ways. One day, you can love someone so so much that you feel as if your heart smells of the rain and your soul shines bright like the sun but the next moment when you see that person, you feel utter emptiness, as if a storm has just passed and left you with nothing.

Pondering over thoughts of ‘Why is this happening’ or something like ‘What triggered it’ cloud your mind. You feel lonely and you exclude yourself from the reality into your own fantasy land. Sometimes, suicidal thoughts take over your mind and you can no longer think reasonably or logically. The only thing on your mind is hiding the real you in your outer shell, cutting off any relationships with the people closest to you and then finally thinking of the ways to kill yourself. You start doubting your existence and you turn so dark that you start with the self harm; being your own bully.

You might be wondering that why I am blabbering about all of these things. Well, I have a small and simple answer for that. Once upon a time, I used to be the happiest woman but then because of a chain of events all my happiness was snatched away from me and my life took a turn for the worst.



The walls are painted in a calm-y shade of blue. Around my bed are a few opened curtains and the room is brightly lit with different pictures hanging here and there. Right next to my bed is a small table on which a beautiful bouquet of flowers is placed with a 'get well soon' message card on it. I smile while looking at them. 'Oh how thoughtful they are!' I wonder to myself.

The room is quiet. So quiet that I can hear the clock ticking and my heart pumping blood through it's veins. Maybe I'm just imagining things. I'm too old to think straight anyways.

On my lap sits a box. This is no ordinary box, I must say. It holds my life in it. Not literally, of course but a huge chunk of my life is stored in this box. I run my wrinkled hands over the top surface of it and try to feel it. My eyes are closed and every memory of my days as an adolescent comes back to life. A small tear runs down my cheek reminding me of the pains of my past and my struggles to sail through life. 

After giving myself a pep talk for a couple of minutes, I finally open the box. Slowly, I take of the cover with my shaking hands and look inside it, checking if the things inside are alright or not. A layer of dust is covering the contents but the things are placed just as I kept them. I slowly wipe the dirt off and start taking out those little envelopes, one at a time. Who knew that a bunch of letters will change the track of my life?

Finally, I opened the first letter and all the memories of my childhood flooded back.


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