Undercover Nerd

Hey it's me Georgina Rose but most people call me G.R .
So I like this guy and well I don't think he knows I even exist, but I if he did he'd think I'm a nerd. This guy is in love with my best friend and she thinks I don't even go to her school and I never told her I do because she will have me dress in her fashionable clothes and do my hair. Normally I just wear old tee shirts and old jeans , never do my hair, also I wear nerd glasses. Everyone from my old school loved me and I loved them to, every guy liked me, every girl wanted to be my friend. Your probably like what happened. I changed to a Undercover Nerd.


1. My Story

Hello GR here and if your curious about my story I will tell you. So I was born in London (not British or anything) and I lived there since I was 14 and just starting high school. Then we moved to America, New York to be more precise. Why did 'we' move? When I was 13 my mother died and my dad went with her so I lived with my aunt Joy she is rich just like my parents were. When my parents died I got all the money but I got really depressed and nearly tried to kill myself. Right before I did I got a message on twitter (yah I had one at age 14) it said ' hey Georgia I know exactly what your going through' ~ @Stella_Boo

   Everyday since then I texted her and learned more about her like how her father died, she has 6 siblings, she was born in Paris, France to a New Yorkian mother and a French/American/British father. So I told my aunt about her and a year later she said we are moving to New York near your friend. My face: 80. I started screaming and went all over Twitter 'IM MOVING TO NEW YORK, AMERICA HERE I COME!!!!! '. I moved to New York and I realized why I was there in the first place. After a year I really just kept to myself and wore nerd glasses, my aunt tells me I'm pretty without them. I guess that's somewhat true. 


Now I like this guy Niall who is Irish and he doesn't know I exist, my best friend doesnt know I go to her school, nobody knows I really not a nerd. I'm 15 and I'm no where near how happy I was with my parents. If I just be myself then I can be happy but not as happy as before I really still just need sometime. Or maybe I really am a Undercover Nerd.




 This Is really short I know but I always do that so I don't know. Please hit the like and favorite button if you want to read more but for now I love y'all. Bye.  xx





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