Black Dawn

The Earth didn't wake up.
When Aurora Mavros wakes up for another day of high school, the last thing she expected was that no one else would wake up. No one. After discovering that the entire planet seemed to be stuck in a coma, Aurora excepts defeat. Insecurity.
Eve Black was always the last in her family to wake up. Until today, when everyone slept. And slept. Rebellion.
Doce Luto was as hot as the noonday sun. But had a charming way of keeping his cool no matter what the circumstances. Until today, when the world was as cold as bitter ice. Vanity.
Luna Noir foolishly chose that night to attempt an all-nighter, knowing she had school the next morning. The most traumatized of the six, Luna watches her family collapse into eternal slumber. Sensitivity.
Fleck Schwarz had a fancy way of making people listen. It came as quite a shock to him that no one listened to his frantic screams of "wake up!". Leadership.
Shai Li was, like his name, shy. Faith.

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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