It Was Summer of '06

Johnny was eight years old when his daddy took him fishing. He was stuck with a girl joining him, and he didn't like one bit. But they became best friends. As the years passed by, they grew older and they're love grew stronger. There story only began with a fishing pole and the four simple words, "Don't take the girl."


1. Chapter One

     It was summer of '06. The trees were still full of life, swaying in the breeze. The sun was searing down like a blinding light. That's just how eight year old Johnny liked it.

     School had just gotten out not long ago and it was the perfect day to go fishing. Little Johnny loved nothing more than to fish with his dad. It was always just the two of them since he first learned how to fish at age five.

     Johnny's dad was putting the fishing gear into the back of his pick-up truck. Johnny's mother and younger sister were watching from the kitchen while packing sandwiches for them. He was kicking his soccer ball around the yard, with Boo, their Labrador retriever, chasing him from behind.

     The Curtis family had just moved in, which meant new neighbors for Johnny. Daniel had befriended the Curtis', and he invited their youngest daughter to come fishing with him and Johnny. Her name was Hollie and she was the same age as Johnny. She possibly the sweetest little girl you could ever meet.

     But when she appeared at the backyard gate in overalls, boots and a fishing rod in hand, Johnny had no idea what to do.

     As she made her way down the stone path way, Johnny ran to his dad and shook his head. His dad looked down at him and lightly placed a heavy hand on Johnny's shoulder. "We can't leave her behind." Johnny frowned and crossed his arms over his chest. His father knelt down in front of him and smiled. "Son, I know you don't want her to go, but someday you'll change your mind."

     Johnny stomped his foot on the ground and shook his head again. "Take Jimmy Johnson. Take Tommy Thompson. Take my best friend, Bo." Johnny stopped, out of breath, and looked over at the girl as she came closer to them. "Take anybody you want, as long as she don't go. Take anybody in the world," he paused and turned back to face his dad, "but please, don't take the girl.

     Daniel sighed and looked at Hollie who stumbled as she walked. "Give her a chance, Johnny." Johnny sighed, but turned and helped Hollie with her fishing rod. She smiled at him and Johnny rolled his eyes.


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