What About Love

This is the story of what happens when two gorgeous girls meet One Direction while working at Nando's.


1. Abbie's POV

I woke up at 6:30 am that morning, I was sooooooo tired!  I layed in bed for about ten minutes before I was actually awake.  I got up and I threw on my work clothes and did my hair, curled of course, I liked it that way.  I jumped in my junky old car and headed to work at Nando's.


Kendal and I had just arrived at about the same time .

"Great!" I said.

I needed to ask her what time she wanted me to pick her up for the 1D concert tomorrow.  I asked her and we both agreed on 6:00 pm.


The work day was going long and slow.  It wasn't that busy today.


Comment and tell me if I should keep going with the story and if you're liking my writing so far.  I know this isn't much to tell but if you could give me some input I'd appretiate that. 

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