Opposite World

Olenka is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series, little does she know that in a few days time on her 11th birthday her life will be turned upside down


1. Chapter 1.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLENKA" my little sister yelled into my ear while she jumped up and down on my bed."ok ok im getting up now leave" i said pointing a finger at the door, thank god im getting a new room for my birthday and wont have to share with my sister ever again. I got dressed in my i love muggles t shirt and my sparkly black jeggings as well as my special addition Harry potter converse. As you probably guessed i am a MASSIVE harry potter fan, i mean my art teacher started playing hp music and i almost cried no joke. When i went down stairs i found 40 presents waiting at the table (ha beat that Dudley) and opened all of them, some of the presents were a Harry potter robe (to add to my collection) a wand, an iPod, a laptop, all the harry potter movies, 5 harry potter posters(one was signed by Daniel Radcliffe!!!!!) and lots of other stuff, finally i got to the last and smallest gift. It was a key to my new room, which when i opened the door, i found my family had completely turned  it Harry potter themed. All throughout the day letters were arriving and i was celebrating my 11th birthday when one special letter came. It came by owls and happened to be from the magical world of Hogwarts but before i could open it i collapsed in a faint on the floor.

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