The Love Game

Roxanne Foster is you average teenage girl……well as normal as it gets in her life. When her friend and her get trapped in a video game what will happen. Will one die or will they're love for each other prove faithful. Find out in The Love Game!
-on hold


1. My friend and me

Roxanne's P.O.V.
"Whatcha doin?" I asked as I sat by my best friend/crush on the school bench. 

"Playing a game" he plainly stated. 

He was holding some sort of pad. It was the same pad he had been playing with the last few weeks. 

"What is it?" I questioned cautiously. 

I've known that he and his friend were part of the game police for a long time now. Yes. I know it sounds lame. But its not. 

Thor and his friend Logan both have the ability to go into a video game and bring someone with. They have decided to use it to keep games IN the game. Meaning all of the games are trying to get out and take over the world.

"Its just a game Roxanne." He said annoyance and a bit of anger filling his voice. 

He had never gotten annoyed at me before. I mean he had………but he never showed it. 

All my life I had been abused by almost everyone I knew. My parents, my friends, the bullies at our school and he had always been the kindest person I knew so I jumped a little when he said that. 

In my experience the beating came after the annoyed tone of voice. I whimpered and started silently crying. I moved away slightly so he couldn't reach me.

He stop his game instantly knowing what he had done and put it aside. He pulled me into his strong arms and held me there for a few minutes before speaking quietly "I'm sorry Roxy. Its just the game it keeps resisting me. I cant get in but they can get out." I think I just heard him whimper.

 I looked up at him and asked quietly "Can I come?". I had the same gift as Thor but he never let me use it saying  it was too dangerous or i could get hurt. It only made me want to come more. To make sure he was ok. 

He looked down at me with beautiful brown eyes. 

"No." He spoke firmly but gently at the same time. 

I pouted while looking at him. 

"Why not?" I said in a upset tone. 

"Cause you could get hurt and i don't know what I'd d……" i cut him off before he could finish. 

"Thor you promised me you wouldn't treat me like a kid!! I can take care of myself!! Put up my shield if i have too!! I'm not little anymore……" I trailed off at the end realizing that those were the last four words i said to my mom before she tried to kill me five years ago. During that week my dad tried to shot me. Because he blamed me for my mom. Thor stopped them both and they had a lifetime of jail now. 

I've lived with Thor's family ever since. They seem as though they like me. But I mean I can't be to sure.

Thor squeezed me tight. He knew it to. 

"Ok." he whispered in my ear. 

My head shot up.

"What?!" I asked shocked. 

He smiled down at me and chuckled lightly.

"I said yes." I grinned from ear to ear. 

This would be the first time i got to go into a game. 

"First you have to study the game and no you don't have to play it if you don't want too you can just watch me." I nodded excitedly 

"I'll watch you." I said extremely excited. 

I peered over his shoulder and scanned the screen. 

Thats when I saw it. 

In game print above Thor's players head were the words thors_precious_roxanne1. I looked carefully at the player. It was a tiny replica of me with blonde short curly hair, mostly blue rainbow eyes, short and if i do say so myself hot with a queens dress, crown and bow and arrows. Right beside me was a minnie Thor. Big adorable chocolate brown eyes, short shiny brown hair, muscular and all around just the hottest guy I've ever met. He was in a expensive looking purple, white, green and blue kings outfit with a gold crown on his head.

He obviously knew I saw it cause he shifted uncomfortably and said quietly "I was originally making an account for you but the game got dangerous and………" I cut him off by kissing his cheek. 

He turned a tomato red. I giggled slightly.

~~~~~half an hour later ~~~~~

I had found out more about this game in half an hour then Thor had in five weeks. 

Thor was super surprised. So was I.

 I touched the pad lightly wishing that it could tell me something and then I heard it.

"RUN!!!!!!!!!!!" It was Thor and he sounded scared……REALLY scared.

 I gasped in shock as i felt something warm on my left side. I was brought back to the real world and Thor's hand was on my hip. 

I grabbed him and hugged him tightly he gasped and at first did nothing and then i felt his arms slither round my waist. 

"What happened?" He asked concerned. 

"You were scared." I whispered. He laughed a little. 

"Its ok. I'm right here." I looked up at him.

"Can we go in now?" I asked. He nodded hesitantly and i grabbed his hand as he touched the pad 

"Here we go." He whispered.

It hurt like crazy like being pushed in a bottle a quarter the size of you. I accidentally let out a pained scream and Thor's head shot over looking at me with sad eyes. 

"I'm so sorry" he whispered. 

As the feeling went on i screamed and screamed and screamed as Thor kept saying sorry. He eventually pulled me into a hug and the pain was gone.

Thor's P.O.V.

I couldn't bear seeing Roxanne in so much pain. 

I had gone through it too the first seven times and it hurt bad.

 But i can't say that i know what shes going through because its different from person to person. 

This is one reason why i never let her come with me. I already had my shield and its hard to remember I have it with her screaming so loud. 

But for some reason i keep saying sorry as if it'll help………wait. If i hug her or pull her close the pain will stop. 

So thats what i do. I grab her arm and pull her close. Thats when she stops screaming.  But she still cries. Not loud. But not quite soft. 

Then we hit ground. She pulled herself out of my hug and reached for her back and found an arrow. 

"How'd you know that was there?" I asked confused.

I had just had my arms around her I hadn't felt them there. 

"Thor you made me. Don't you remember?" She says in a are-you-serious voice.

 "N…no i don't." I say awestruck. How was it that I had told her to stay back every time I went and she realizes that when you go into the game you get what your character has? This girl is a genius! I really truly loved her. She is the best. 

"Come on get out your sword." She said instructively. 

"Uh………ya! ok!" I said like a soldier obeying his captain. 

She just laughed at me. I just stared at her as she looked cautiously around. 

She's so beautiful.

 Shes been bullied for her looks. I personally think if she was any better looking then she'd be beyond angle. Shes already my little angle.

Shes so strong as well. If you were in her situations you would have committed suicide.

I had been staring for a while now and all of the sudden she disappeared.

"Roxanne!" I screamed.

"Boo!" Just as suddenly she reappeared beside me.

"Ahhhhh!" I yelped

She was practically dying of laughter as she rolled around on the ground.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." I laughed sarcastically.

"How'd you do that?" I question suddenly very curious.

"Oh you know. Did a little of this and a little of that and then voilà." She said matter-of-factly.

"No. Its part of my character. You should know that. You, my young Romeo, made me." She stated very sexily.

"And you ,my little Juliet, are amazing at this." I stated just as sexily.

She shrugged and breathed "I try."

"I know." I said grinning.

She smiled shortly back before turning her head as though she just heard something.

"What?" I questioned.

"Shhhh!" She said frowning.

I just stood there with my hands up in defense.

All of the sudden she pulled back her bow and shot the bush in front of her.

"Ga! She shot me leg!" Screamed an irish accent.

"N' I thought the las would be help with us." Stated a deeper accent.

"Aye! Me with Grubble on that one!" Yelled a higher pitch accent.

"Ok. Sorry for interrupting you from your engaging conversation about me. But could you guys step out of the brush so i can see you?" Roxanne asked kindly.

"Oh! Yea! We is always happy to do what Queen says!" Said a younger voice.

"Our King is kinda silent I is seeing!" Said a girly irish voice.

I mustered what i guess was a confused face and said "Thanks?"

"Ok. Everyone is outing with it now!" Shouted an older mans voice.

Then from under the brush fifteen or so little elves stepped out. Some stumbling over there little feet.

Roxanne's bow came to her ear as they stepped out. I leapt and snatched the bow. She looked at me shocked. I just shrugged and started talking to the elves.

"Did you call us King and Queen?" I asked politely.

"Oh, yes, you was born, is now and is always is be the King and Queen of the Ansestrians!"

"Aye!!" All the others yelled.

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