Harry styles fanfic. Bella has never really been into boys or dating but can one certain curly haired bad boy change that? If harry really does like bella he has a funny way of showing it.


1. Back to school

Bellas POV 



I was so tired but I managed to wake my self up enough to hit the snooze button on my alarm.

It was the first day back after summer for my senior year of high school and I couldn't wait to see all my friends again,I spent the whole summer in the canairy islands with my family.

I rolled out of bed and stumbled towards the bathroom to get myself ready.After a quick shower I dried and straightened my long blonde hair, put a pair of dark skinny jeans ,a purple wool jumper and a pair of converse.Then I applied just abit of make up.

I went downstairs to find my twin sister (leah)so that we could get going or else we'd be late but she was too busy talking on the phone to our friend Ellen.

"Leah hurry up we'll miss the bus!!" I shouted at her while trying to drag her out of the kitchen.

"relax ,Ellen said that she'll drop us there , she already has Shannon"

We stood there for about five minutes when we finally heard Ellen beep from outside signalling for us to come out.On the way too school we were mostly bombarding Ellen with questions about her new boyfriend who she had hooked up with during the summer.

"so what's your boyfriends name?" Shannon winked at Ellen.

"Luke" she answered simply ,trying to hide the smile on her face.

Ellen always had boys interested in her and so did the other girls but I was the one in the 'group' who was always quite shy around boys and never really went out on dates as much as my sister leah or ellen and shannon.

We finaly reached the school and after parking the car we made our way towards the entrance.

As we got to the top of the concrete steps we looked back to see harry styles and his gang coming towards us.Harry and his friends were the type of people that you didnt want to be around let alone mess with,they were into drugs,alcahol and fighting (and sex) and they were covered in tattoos and piercings.

I never really liked Harry, even though I don't know him well, only rumours and what I know from seeing him in class but maybe I should get to know him before I judge him completely.

The 'gang' consisted of harry,Niall,Josh,Barry,Luke (ELLEN'S LUKE!?) and Laura (aka SLUT!).

"Ellen when you said your boyfriends name was Luke did you mean Luke Reilly!?" but she didn't even acknowledge what i said, instead she started to walk towards him and he smiled at her.

I'll take that as a yes ?.Luke's friends didn't even seem to notice or care that he was standing there with his tongue half way down Ellen's throat ,apart from harry who simply patted him on the back(congratulating him maybe?)

When we finally reached the school hall the bell rang and Harry and His friends walked past us and he bumped into me causing me to back into the lockers.

"What the fuck you dick, what's your problem" I scolded him.

Him and all his friends stopped there laughing and looked at me,no one had ever answered him back before.

He stared at me and his smiled dropped.

At this point every one in the corridor were focusing there eyes on me and Harry to see his reaction.

"excuse me?" he asked looking confused and trying to give me a chance to take it back.

"bella just let it go " Shannon warned me.

"yeh bella just let it go" Harry mocked in a whiny mocking voice.

Before I could even answer him back,Leah was already pulling me away.The sound of Harry and his friends laughing from behind me as we left.

WHY IS HE SO RUDE AND OBNOXIOUS !? He really gets under my skin.

The day went on just as usual, apart from some snide comments while passing Harry in the hall and when I had to sit next to him in art.That was like pure torture! And Any time I would say something to the some one or ask the teacher something, he would snort at what I said,say something and try cover it with a cough or mimicked what I said in an annoying voice and the whole class would then laugh. 

But I'm not going to let him get to me any more, I'm just gonna ignore him.. Yeah ignore him , that's what I'll do.

The rest of the week went by pretty quickly and nothing really eventful happened.

We had barely seen or heard from ellen all week because she would be off some where with Luke and then on Thursday Leah said that she saw her hanging around with Luke's gang !? (well technically Harry is the 'leader' but Luke is her boyfriend and he's in the 'gang')





I was walking into the cafeteria and I couldn't help but notice that Harry wouldn't take his eyes off me, he just sat their looking at me but I just ignored it and carried on walking over to my friends.

OH GREAT ! The sat at the table right next to Harry's , don't they know how much I hate him!?.

Ellen decided to ditch us again and sit with Luke but the girls and I let it slide , so we were just having little girly chats and eating our lunch and also planning our week end.

Then in the middle of our conversation we noticed that jack Nichols (captain of the football team!!! And total sex god!) was walking towards us and he sat next to me.

"hey.. Bella right?"he smiled. 

I did all I could to try and stop myself from giggling like a school girl (even though I technically still am one)

"emm yeh hey can I help you with something" I blushed and asked politely.

"I just can't get over how pretty you are" he winked and I cringed, but I let it go because of how hot he is!

"haha thanks"

"so I was .. Wondering... If you would..uh maybe sometime we could...."

oh my god I , as well as most of the girls in this school, have been dreaming of this day for so long and now it was finally going to happen!!!!! JACK NICHOLS IS ASKING ME OUT!


***Harry's POV.*** 


I could hear what was going on from the table next to ours.

"so I was .. Wondering... If you would..uh maybe sometime we could...." that idiot football player couldn't even ask her out.

I don't know why but a wave of jealousy Washed over me the moment he was about to ask her out.She can't go out with that ..that ......that idiot! She just cant!

Bella's too good for him, she's too free and yet trapped at the same time.

I love that when I tease her and make her angry her nose gets all scrunchy and she gets that look in her eye and I hate how the way she acts and walks and talks and does everything drives me crazy! (in a good way)

For some reason it killed me to think of her going out with him so I had to act quick before she said yes and eventually they start dating, I know I'm moving to quick, I mean the kid hasn't even asked her yet but it could happen! And I needed to stop it before it did.

I looked straight at Laura, who was looking extra slutty today.

"Laura go and stop that jack guy from asking Bella out"

"what..why? ha omg are you jealous" she teased.

"HA jealous? Me ? No.. I just think it would be funny to ruin they're date plans that's all" PHEW! Nice save.

"fine" she sighed and quickly made her way over.

She sat on jacks lap and started kissing him, he was so shocked and caught off guard by what was happening that he didn't even get a word in and poor Bella just sat there looking as confused and hurt as ever.

Laura then pulled away.

"oh jack I had so much fun last night" she winked."maybe we could .. You know do it again sometime" she added in a seductive and sexy voice.

"I ... Uh ...I" he stuttered.

She put her finger to his mouth stopping him from defending himself."shhhhh, don't talk" and with that she kissed him again, got off his lap and left the room. Man she's good.

Bella looked so hurt with tears at the brims of her eyes.And she was clearly embarrassed.

"Bella I.." jack tried to defend but Bella was trying hard to fight back her tears that she got up and quickly exited the room with out making a scene.Jack tried to get up and follow her but Bella's sister Leah stopped him and told him he was a jerk and should just leave her alone and they wouldn't let him explain himself (thank god).

I couldn't let Laura know the truth,that I actually was jealous and I certainly couldn't let the boys know that I had developed a little 'crush' and some one,especially not some one like Bella, she is so innocent and cute and sweet and the complete opposite to the girls I usually not so much date as much as just the occasionally booty call or a one night stand. And she was completely different from me, and that's one of the thing I like most about her, but on many occasions she has made it very clear that she hates me.

I wish I could do something to change her mind...

I sat there and noticed that the other boys were busy and weren't paying attention so I decided to go out and find Bella to ....her up.

I got out of me seat and left the cafeteria into the gloomy empty halls to go find her.


(A\N sorry the first chapter isn't that long I didn't really know how to start the story off :-P haha but don't worry I have Ideas for upcoming chapters and I will try my best to make them as long as I can.But I will only continue writing this fanfic if I see that people are enjoying it so please doe me a big favour and vote and comment to let me know what you think of the first chapter!?! thank you and enjoy! ) ~ Leah xxxx

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