Youtube Fan Fiction: Yogscast Tekkit Revenge

Yogtowers receive an email asking them to play a new game that has been made for them. When things start to go wrong on a supernatural scale, will they find out that an old friend has come to visit.* anything written in script is either livestreams or videos*


1. Prologue

Rythian: Welcome to this Yogscast livestream. Today we will be starting a new hardcore survival on this new tekkit server. If this goes well I was thinking of making it a regular thing. I might invite Sips and Sjin over and all kinds of stuff like that.I know some of you hardcore fans haven't been able to forgive them after what happened last time we did tekkit but you know everyones moved on from that now. So, anyway I'm all here alone at 10:00 to bring you this special tekkit livestream.

* Israphel joined the game*

Rythian: What did that say. Is Sjin trying to prank me, he is the only one that can get on to that account. He said he was leaving. Let me just go check.


Rythian: Well I couldn't see him. Do you know I don't actually give a damn if Israphel joined the game. We should really concentrate on getting a house before nightfall.


Rythian: Ok we are 45 minutes into our livestream and I really don't know what the hell's going on. I am basically standing right next to a zombie and it's not attacking me. Every mod is swarming in the middle of this forest. Should I follow them? Ok people are telling me to follow them. Lets go.


Rythian: Help me! Israphel is after me. I'm so screwed. Well I'm dead. He shouldn't be here. Oh my god I'm going home. I feel so sick.



















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