love me

a girl that hates 1D then loves 1D.


1. love you liam.louis,zayn,niall and hrry

hi i am cher. yes you may have already gathered i hate one direction but i have so many friends that love them and do anything to meet them in person. Don't tell them but i am going to be taking them to a one direction concert. 


Annabel,Lucy come here i need to tell you something my mum got me one direction tickets if you want to come with me and of course they both say YES!!! the next day at about 5 o'clock they came and we went down to go to the one direction concert but we got lost. we were walking around until my friends recognized 5 boys walking towards us.

They said that they thought that we were lost. me being a wolfblood didn't say a thing just in case they found out. that was when i smelled one of the boys. OMG he smelt like meat. i started to back away but they kept on closing the gap between us. so i ran for it but they must have go the short way because i felt too strong arms rap around my waste. 

that was when i found out that i loved one direction :) <3

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