17 Again

I'm sure most of us have heard of the movie 17 Again, correct?
Zac Efron, Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens... Sung a lot, bring back memories?
Anyways, this is 17 Again One Direction Style


1. What a Life

Another day, another reason not to wake up. What's the point anymore? My children can't be bothered with me, my wife is filing for divorce and I live with my best friend. That's the best part of this whole situation, Harry is. Always there to hang out with and takes my mind off the boring struggle that is life.

I drag myself out of bed and downstairs, Harry is there cooking some bacon and eggs.

"Your bitch of a wife called this morning and yelled at me for 15 goddam minutes. Told me to give you this." He stated as he pushed a piece of paper across to me. Harry was always less than pleased with her.

Divorce settlement in court this Friday. Be there.

That was all she simply said, I screwed the paper up and threw it in the general direction of the bin.

Harry put a plate of food in front of me and I started picking at it, not really caring.

"Haz, what the hell has my life become?"

He sighed and sat down opposite me folding his hands on the bench.

"Well mate, in my eyes your life is pretty fuckin awesome." I rolled my eyes and Harry continued, explaining why my life was 'so good.' Most of it to do with how awesome he is to live with of course.

He doesn't see it the way I do, he's always so chilled about everything. Haz never settled down, he's had a fair share of relationships in between times from one-nighters to two weeks, to even two months. But whenever I questioned him on this he just simply said he hasn't found the right girl yet, she's out there and he just as to keep looking.

I, however made the mistake of settling down with the wrong girl at the wrong time. I knew I wasn't ready to marry her, she wasn't the right girl, never was. More of a revenge relationship. The only reasons I married the girl was because of the pressure for me to, if I was to break up with her it would've been seen as me finally admitting to 'Larry Stylinson.' My family think she's a lovely girl and blame me for the whole divorce and I didn't try hard enough to keep it working and all that shit.

"Louis Tomlinson, pay attention to me for one second." Harry huffed, I must've zoned off again.

"Sorry mate, what did you say?"

"I said, that we have to some charity thing tonight at your kids' high school, good press and all that remember?" He got up and wandered over to clean up the dishes.

"Yeah I know Haz. I'm gonna go, catch you later on yeah?"

I was already halfway upstairs before I heard him mumble an agreement and tell me to be back at 4pm, sharp.

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