One or the Other

Samantha and Savannah are twin sisters but they don't know that they are one another's twin. Samantha is a model for Hollister and she lives in London. Savannah is a singer in New York. Samantha then meets Eleanor Calder and they become good friends. While one direction was in New York, they meet Savannah and they become good friends. When Eleanor takes Samantha to see the boys will she see Savannah? Will the boys mix them two up? Will Eleanor mix them up? What will happen when they see each other? What will happen if Niall asks the wrong girl out?


1. Giving one up

In 1993 twin girls were born. Their mother and father got divorced a week after. The father took one twin to New York and named her Savannah. The mother stayed with the other twin in London and named her Samantha. The girls grew up not knowing that they had a twin and their was only one picture that proved they were a family but it was tripped in half but when it was ripped in half the father took the mother and Samantha half and the mother to the father and Savannah half. The girls o not know where the pictures are and they might never know each other. They are now 19 and turning 20 on January 19. 





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