without you

Reagan is Harrys best friend - well was Harry left her , alone a the time she needed him most what will Reagan do with out Harry? what will Harry do without Reagan?


1. 9 years ago harry 10 Reagan 7 part 1

               _ 9 years ago _ 

       reagans p.o.v. 

  Harry? HARRRRYYYYY! were is my hazza i decided after 20 minutes looking for Harry maybe he went home. i went home and next door at harrys house there was a sign it wasnt there before it said in big letters for sale Harry was moving i thought sadly i knocked on the door hazza!!! HARRY  no answer a tear rolled down my check hawwy? i sobed my best friend had left me i trotted to my house and went to ask my mom weres hawwy? i asked she was also crying i dont know sweetie want to call him she asks me i nodded ring-ring-ring hello Harrys mum anne answered hi its Reagan can i talk to hawwy? i ask um no i gotta go bye sweetie and hung up that was weird i called again anne was mad HARRY DOESNT WANT TO SPEAK WITH YOU Anne yelled YEAH I HATE YOU REAGAN AND NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN MY MUMMY SAYS YOU A JERK AND IM MOVING YOUR UGLY AND I HOPE THE KIDS AT SCHOOL TEASE YOU LIKE ALWAYS I HATE YOU RAY! harry screamed  i was crying harry hated me he was my only friend now he was gone all gone he hated me im unlikable i cried 

   harrys P.O.V. 

i feel bad jessie i complained she is a rude person and you always complain about how you have no guy friends all we have to do is make her life misrible tease her at school com'on! man! ok i agreed Jessie was my only friend now im not even sure he is but truthfully i dont hate Reagan but i want to fit in so i WILL make her life misrible i will!

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