White Roses - One Direction

Tragedy. Things will all be put on a hold, as something unexpected happens - and will effect the future for everyone. Will the couples survive, as their relationship is put on one of the hardest tests ever? Will she ever be OK?

This, my ladies and gentlemen - is White Roses. A Niall Horan fanfiction, brought to you by Trine Hertzog.


1. Prologue.

Seven hundred and twenty-three days - seventeen thousand three hundred and fifty-two hours - one million forty-one-thousand one hundred and twenty minutes since I saw him. Since I held his hand. Since I kissed his rosy lips. 
Not that I'm counting, but it's hard when you have nothing better to do - when you can't do nothing.
Things weren't planned to turn out like this. We were meant to be together - to be by each other's side. But I guess not, after all. 
I just.. I miss him. I miss all about him. His voice, I hear his voice every day - I don't know whether or not he's actually by my side, or I'm imagining it an more. 
Almost two years has passed. Two years without him. 
I still have the ring on my finger - yet I can't touch it. I've tried - but it's impossible.
It seems like the time is flying - but yet still like I'm stuck in the same time.
I hear voices. I hear them every day, but like with his voice - I can't tell if the voices are real, or it's inside my head.
It's weird. Not being able to do the things you want to do. It seems.... Unreal. And I guess it kind of is. Like I said - this wasn't planned. I wouldn't even be able to tell you if he has moved on. Met another girl. Maybe a blonde?
Urgh - I need to stop thinking like that.
I would just wish that I could hold him - or at least see him. This is killing me. Literally. 


"Please... Please come back to me? I love you. With all my heart." ~ Niall Horan 


I really really really hope you guys like this new story of mine. 

- Please tell me what you think. <3


~ Trine <3

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