Beyond The Grave

Gemma Noel is a normal 14 year old. She has a best friend, a crush and spends lots of time shopping and reading... oh, and she's dead! Gemma is quite used to being ignored seeing as the living can't see her, but when a boy catches her eye one day and she realizes he is very much alive, things start to change.


1. Everthing is Changed

I giggled as I tried to draw her nose straight. I had one hand on my mouth holding back the giggles as I attempted to draw my best friend. She peeped over my shoulder and looked at my sketch pad whilst falling into a heap of laughter. "Oh shut up" I growled whilst jokingly hitting her on the arm with the sketch pad. She just dodged out the way then made hushing noises whilst staring at someone behind me.

He was reading it! He was actually looking at my tombstone. "He is kinda cute" whispered Amy (my best friend I had been trying to draw). That set me off laughing again. Oh, by the way, in case you hadn't noticed, i'm dead. I had been sitting on my tombstone the whole time as it was by a tree which made it nice and shady. Luckily my tomb is next to Amy's so I still have an old friend to talk to. Mrs Bean is glaring at us again. She spends most of the day in her chair by her tomb reading and giving us the evil eye. I'm not sure who she's waiting for. I haven't asked. I guess we are being quite loud today though. I could hear the boy muttering to himself, "Oh God...only young." It was quite depressing to see him looking upset. He looked around 16 so we would have to wait a while until he joined us. Cute kid (as I named him) had walked away now so I tried to focus on Amy's nose again only to collapse into laughter again. 


You're probably wondering how I died. I should probably tell you. Okay *big sigh*, here goes! Me and Amy and I were by the river near my house playing on the rope swing. You can probably guess what happened. We were on it together when the rope decided it had had enough. It's quite hazy but I remember falling into the icy water. Struggling for air. In the end I gave up. Amy couldn't swim so she said she just went straight under. I'm not that sad about it really. Life, or should I say death, is much better now. I don't have to worry or care! I'm just waiting for Mum and dad now. Who knows how long i'll be here for. It's already been a couple of years or so but it feels like I was alive only yesterday. 


Most people call it a cemetery or a graveyard. I call it a community. We all know each other, even Adam is here! He died a few years ago in a hit and run at the mall. I used to miss him quite a lot as I was quite close to him but here he is. Good as new! If you can say that. I'v also worked out that we don't age here, so babies stay young and are looked after and elderly people stay, well, elderly! You can't age as you would have to die at some point. You can't die if you're already dead...can you? My head is hurting now from all those complex thoughts. I hope i'm not overwhelming you, or even scaring you! I can assure you, that was not my intention at all! I guess I just want people to know that we are still here waiting for you and to tell you not to be upset as you will see us one day. It breaks my heart (I don't actually know if I have one!)to see my Mum and Dad crying. Even more that I can't comfort them. People who are alive can't see people who are dead. Or at least, that's what I thought. That was until Cute boy caught my eye as he was walking away. 

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