The Cybermen have taken over. The Doctor has fallen. Hope is lost. But one girl believes that she could maybe, just maybe, manage to do the impossible, and try to fight back against the menace.

A One-shot for the Movellas Battle of the Fandoms competition. I decided to do this with a fandom I'm not familiar with to give myself more of a challenge. Hope you guys enjoy this! :D


1. Cyber

It's been several days now since they arrived. Who knows how long for certain? It could have been days, weeks, months... time isn't a thing that really matters any more. All that matters now is one thing: staying alive. Well, it's not as if there's been a mass slaughter, but living with free will is the important thing here.


Currently, I've been on the move since they got my family. My parents and baby sister didn't stand a chance. They were whisked away without a moment's notice; I have no idea why I was spared. Perhaps a lack of resources. Perhaps it was just a tiny sliver of humanity bleeding through. But whatever it was doesn't seem to exist any more. Maybe it does, somewhere. But not here. Over here, they've just become more and more ruthless. These monstrous abominations were bad enough to begin with, but what they did to those that couldn't escape them... may God have mercy on their tormented souls.


This brief moment of respite is swiftly shattered by a noise. The noise. The noise that is synonymous with only one thing: certain death. I crawl across the creaky attic floor, and to the cracked window. I can hear them before I can see them; the noise pounds into my brain. That infernal clumped stomping. Never ceasing for anything; always going on and on and on. An unstoppable force. That was what young Sarah called it before she was too slow in hiding. Now she's gone. And that day managed to separate me from the band of survivors I had been working with. This was all about three days ago. In that brief time period, my supplies have almost run out, and I've barely had a wink of sleep. I can't, unless I want to be next to be captured.


Keeping a firm eye on the cracked road below, I notice the formation heading into this neighbourhood. All of them the same: tall, bulking menacing men made of metal. Robots. Cybermen. The devil. All of these things are easily applicable to them; it doesn't make a difference in the end. In the end, you don't have words for them; you are one of them. It's the sick, sad truth. The process in which they do so is even more vile and terrifying; they literally take your brain from your body, and slap it inside one of the cold, metal bodies. They call it an upgrade. I call it a fate worse than death.


Suddenly, one of the Cybermen look up towards my window. I immediately scurry back into the corner, hiding behind a massive pile of boxes. I begin to tremble; if they saw me, even for a moment, they'll be on to me like bloodhounds. I'll be a dead girl walking. No doubt about it.

Why us?” I say aloud in a voice that's barely above a whisper. Tears begin to roll down my face, and I bury myself into my jacket to stifle my sobbing. It's as if someone's trying humanity for something. But I have no idea not, and I doubt anyone ever will truly know. After all, the most brilliant mind in the universe is inside one of those uniform robotic bodies, working to convert the population: the strange, brilliant man called the Doctor that has been acting as a guardian angel for humanity throughout history was defeated, along with the smart young woman that was his companion. Both were turned into Cybermen. And as soon as that happened, all hope was lost. Without the Doctor, there is no way that anyone will be able to survive. We're all doomed. So, so doomed.


As I pull my head out from the jacket to breathe, I'm aware of a sensation. The entire house is vibrating. My blood turns to ice, and I cease breathing. It saw me. The Cyberman saw me. It knows I'm in here. It's going to get me. I'm going to die. My trembling increases rapidly, and I look across the wooden floor. There is a closed hatch in the middle of the attic floor, with a sofa obscuring it. But none of that matters; the Cybermen have insane amounts of strength; it'll be in here before I know it. I cover my mouth with my hand to stop myself from screaming. If I keep quiet for long enough, I may be able to buy myself a few precious seconds to try and get out of here.


Shakily, I stand to my feet. I place one hand on the wall to steady myself; the stomping of the Cyberman makes it hard to keep standing. Once I'm secure, I step away from the wall, and towards the middle of the room. I can feel the boards creaking underneath me, but I can't hear it; the Cyberman is simply too loud. I'm still breathing heavily, but I don't have the time to calm myself down. I need a plan to get out of here. Somehow, I need to keep going on, even if there is no hope left. Because if they could defeat someone like the Doctor as simple as that—wait a minute. There is no way that the Doctor would let himself get taken down like that; he must have had a backup plan. Something that didn't involve him directly, and something that would save the day. But what could he leave that would allow for someone to stop all this slaughter? It hits me straight away. The TARDIS. The time-travelling blue box. Something that those who have been in contact with the Doctor have spoken about so much. It has to be the solution. Which leaves only one option: I have to somehow locate the TARDIS, find out how to use it, and save the day. Or get someone who knows how to do it to go through with this plan. But first, I need to get out of here, and fast.




I let out a yelp as a metallic fist punches through the floor, sticking up. I back away from it as it squirms around. The Cyberman's found me. And there's no way that I'm going to be able to take it on; I have to escape. But how? The only way out of this attic is through the hatch; the window is too small to take. And I can't exactly go through there, unless I have a death wish.


Another hand slams through the floor, this time closer to my foot. I leap away, heading towards the sofa as the hands keep slamming through, obviously trying to grab me and pull me through. I keep my eyes on the floor as I back up towards the sofa, making sure that no hands grab me. However, just as a hand reaches out to grip my ankle, I fall back, landing on the sofa. The hand misses. I'm safe. And looking up at the skylight on the roof. A way out. An actual, honest to goodness way out. And within reach; the roof is pretty low hanging, and this sofa is quite raised.


I leap to my feet, and touch the latch, flicking it. It falls down, and I push open the glass pane. As I do so, the sofa begins to move, and the same metallic voice calls out the same message. It's ruthless. But I'm less worried; I have a way out. I leap up, gripping the ledge with both my hands just as the sofa topples over, leaving me dangling mid-air. With strength I wasn't aware I possessed, I pull myself up, and out of the attic and onto the roof of the house. I roll over on the flat roof, gasping for breath for just a moment, before sealing the glass pane. I leap to my feet, and run across the rooftop, not looking back, not daring to tempt my fate.


It's actually quite nice out today, surprisingly. The sun is high in the sky, and there aren't any clouds to obscure the view. But I don't care about that. All I care about is finding that blue box. But it could be anywhere within London; it could be near the suburban housing estate I'm in, or it could be closer to the middle of the city. There is no way to tell for sure. I hope that it is closer than I think it is. Otherwise this will be just too dangerous.


A crashing noise reaches my ears, and I turn behind me to see that the Cyberman has broken through the skylight, and is now on the rooftop. My eyes go wide, and I let out a scream of pure horror, before turning, and running along the rooftops. I leap across the gaps between houses without batting an eyelid, just focusing on getting away from the Cyberman, willing myself to survive. I look back over my shoulder; there is a fair distance between me and the Cyberman; for all their prowess, they have the handicap of being awfully slow compared to the average person. But as I look back at the Cyberman, it stops, and raises its arm. And then, before I know what's going on, a red laser beam flies from the arm.


I hit the ground faster than I thought possible, rolling across the rooftop as the beam sails over my head. I grip onto the roof to try and stop myself, but I'm not fast enough, and I roll off the roof. I'm looking up at the cloudless sky as I fall, feeling the sting of failure resonate throughout my very core. I was never meant to save the day; I'm just a teenage girl with enough smarts to keep running for a few days. Nothing special, nothing at all.


I feel a brief stab of pain throughout my body, before it all fades to black.


When I come around, I'm laying on a cold, metal bed. My entire body hurts, and a bright light above me prevents me from getting my bearings. But then my hearing starts working properly, and I hear an endless cacophony of wails and stomping. My heart sinks. I've been caught by the Cybermen, and now I'm going to be converted. Like one of them. Nothing but a mindless drone. A hollow shell, bent on turning others like me. It can't be happening. It just can't be.


But then the expressionless, hollow face of the Cyberman appears above me, staring right through me. And I know that there is nothing I can do. I begin trembling in horror, and scream. I don't stop screaming; I can't stop. I won't stop. It's the only thing keeping me from going over the edge, and I can't do that. A whirring sound drowns out my screams, and I feel a slicing pain in my head, going down right through my skull. I try to start kicking, but everything becomes a hazy blur. Panic fills me as I realise that the conversion has begun. But I won't lose myself. I begin a run-through of mental notes in a desperate attempt to hold on.


My name is Louise.


I am sixteen years old.


My birthday is the ninth of August.


I was born and grew up in London.


I have, no, had a loving family.


They were taken from me by the Cybermen.


I won't be taken.


I am human.


I am stronger.


I am—



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