Moments like this


1. Chapter one

Moments like this 
Chapter 1- 
The tears streamed down my face as the beeping stopped, she was dead. 
"No! She can't be dead!" My father boomed as tears came out of our eyes. 
"Well she is, I'm sorry." The doctor walked out of the room leaving me, dad, and what was left of mum. 
"This is all your fault!" Father screamed as he slapped me. I winced in pain, but knew that I would be in more pain than this. 
"How the hell is it my fault? Tell me that." 
"If you weren't born she wouldn't have been diagnosed with cancer!" He slapped me once more in the same place. Tears started to come out of my eyes as I ran out of the room, with father hot on my tail. 
"Bitch, get your ass back here now!" His pace quicker and so has mine. 
"You're not a true father, go fuck yourself." Soon I found my face meeting the ground, he must have tripped me. 
"Don't use that type of language with me!" He kicked me straight in the side. Tears started to come out faster and faster, as he kicked me more and more. 
"Stop! You're hurting her!" An Irish accent rang through the air as I heard his foot movements against the rain. 
"That's the fucking point. Now leave and don't tell anyone, or I will kill her right here right now." Father pointed a fun at my throat as his foot was placed on my stomach. The guy, looked at me with tears threatening his eyes, that's when I knew who he was. He was Niall Horan. 

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