More than this

19 year old Stevie Lewis wins a competition to go on your with one direction. Plus one month with them all you herself. She gets to bring along her best friend Serenity. But what will happen with the boys if one start crushing on Stevie, or two?


1. Introducing me

Chapter one:Introducing me

Stevie's POV
Hey, my name is Stevie Lewis. I'm an average 19 year old girl with long brown curly hair that will turn into a frizz ball if you brush it when its dry and chocolate brown eyes. I'm from Winnipeg Manitoba, yes I am Canadian and no I do not say eh in fact I NEVER say eh and I hate it when people think I should because I'm Canadian. I have two sisters and five brothers and of course I'm the youngest. I'm abused and bullied at school. I have four amazing friends Sophia catastrophe, she's 18 years old with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes and a very crazy personality,    Jayne Striker, she's 19 years old with  dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and also has a crazy personality, Serenity Foster, is 19 years old with short curly bleach blond hair and ocean blue eyes and has a wonderful personality and Tony West, he's 19 years old with short brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and has a very random personality. Those four are the reason I don't cut or commit suicide. 

I'm also a directioner but not one that try's to get a lock of hair to clone them, I'm not that crazy for them plus I don't have the money. I'm just one of those directioners who listen to there music and wants to go to a concert I don't have posters all over my wall or every album they made, but if I would meet them I would have to say that I would hug Niall first and last and in between all the others, well maybe not that much, but he is defiantly my favorite. 

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