the day the doctor called

I am a massive fan of doctor who so i thought I would write some fan fiction about it.


1. Time runs out

"4 times 1 is 4, 4 times 2 is 8, 4 times 3 is..."

Mr Prichard's drone travels through one ear and out of the other as I sit through my maths class that has no end, I am waiting for for the bell, the bell that tells me I can go to the corner, my  corner where I sit with a notepad and allow my thoughts to pour out onto paper, the contents of the deapest and darckest corners of my mind.Finaly the bell rings and I am the first to leave the classroom, the first to sprint past the open doors and into the fresh air.

I run and I write, I write like there is no tommorow; I make my thoughts pour out onto the paper and watch as the ink stains the suface permenently.

Dragging by slowly, the rest of the day holds drama, art and english. English is the one lesson I enjoy, the one lesson were I am free.

The one lesson taght by Mrs Tofton.

When i get home the door is open, I call out for my mum but there is no answer.

Only her answerphone message, her new answerphone message:

"Screach, screach" the repeated sound hurts my ears.

And then the voice of a man

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry"


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