Millie and Eli Styles

Mildred, or Millie for short, is a 13 year old girl. Eli is also 13 years old and is Millie's best friend. Their parents both died when they was very young. Mil and Eli have spent their whole life in an adoption center. But when a certain famous boy band stumbles upon Millie and Eli, will they take her in? What will happen when they realize that Mildred, Eli, and them don't get along to well? Will they give up or will curly fight to keep them?


1. These 5 Boys

Mildred's POV-

"Millie!" I hear John, one of the people who work at the adoption center yell to me. "What?" I yell back. "Someone is here to meet you. Come down please! You too, Eli!" he yells. "Uggghh." I groan and push myself off of the bed. I almost fall down, but my best friend here, Eli, catches me. "Thanks." I smile at him. "No problem." he smiles.

When we get to the end of the stairs we are met with the biggest boy band in the world. Of course I know who they are, everyone does. "Hello!" one with shaggy hair, I think Louis, says. "Hi." Eli says. "What are your names?" the blonde one, Niall, says. "This is Mildred, but she likes Millie or Mil for short. I'm Eli." Eli says. Eli knows I can't talk to strangers. "We'll take them!" the curly one says to John. "Wait, you're adopting us both?" Eli asks. "Yes we are!" the one with a black quiff says. Eli and I hug each other super tight. "It's finally happening." I whisper in his ear.



Hey guys! My name is Cammy and I am one of the authors! My friend, JoJo, and I are super excited for this story, so we hope you guys enjoy it!

~Cammy xx.

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