The City of Love || L.T.

Vanessa is an eighteen year old girl and lives with her mother. She has a best friend called Jade and spends a lot of time with her. They've known each other their whole life and have always been together.

On one day a there's a new boy in their class. His name is Louis and Louis and Vanessa become great friends. Besides the arrival of Louis, Vanessa has something else to think about. They're going on a trip to Paris! She's super excited and so is the whole class. But isn't Paris the city of love?


1. Louis

I’m in class. My teacher comes in and says: “Students we have a new student in your class. His name is Louis. Please make him feel welcome.” “Where can I sit?” he asks politely. “You can sit next to Vanessa, because Jade is ill today.” “Okay, thanks.” He sits next to me and smiles. “Hi!” he says. “Hey Louis!” I reply. The rest of the lesson our teacher explains us something about a presentation we have to do in class. We have to do it in pairs with the one sitting next to us so this time it’s Louis. Louis and I talk about what we’re going to do when the bell rings. It’s finally lunch break. “And remember students, you’ll have to do the presentation tomorrow.” “What, tomorrow?!” the whole class asks. “Yes, tomorrow.” “But that’s too early!” “I’m sure you’ll have finished it by tomorrow. Have a nice lunch break.” she says and the whole class walks out of the room, talking about the presentation. Then Louis asks: “Vanessa, shall we make the presentation at my house after school?” “Yes. That’s ok.” “Can I sit with you and your friends, because I don’t have friends here yet.” Louis says, slightly nervous. “Yes, of course! I’m sure you’ll like them.” I say and we both walk over to my friends. “Hey everyone! This is Louis. He’s new in my class. Is it ok if he sits with us?” I ask them and smile. “Yes, of course!” We have a nice lunch with my friends and Louis is very funny! After lunch break we have two more lessons. The time flies, because Louis and I are having much fun.

“Are you ready to go, Vanessa?” Louis asks me and smiles. “Yes! Let’s go.” I say and smile as well. We walk together to Louis’s house and we find out that we live almost next to each other. “So, this is your house?” I ask Louis. “Yes, why?” he replies, slightly confused. “I almost live next to you!” I say laughing, pointing in the direction of my house. “Yes! Then I know at least one person in this street.” Louis says and we both laugh. “Come inside! It may be a bit messy, but that’s because we haven’t settled in yet.” Louis says, chuckling and walks inside. “Yes, I understand.” I say, getting in as well. “Mum, Vanessa and I are in my room.” Louis says while walking to the stairs. “Who’s Vanessa?” Louis’s mum replies from the living room. “A girl from my class. We have to do a presentation together.” “Alright. I’ll bring something to eat when I’m finished cooking for tonight.” “Thanks mum.” Louis says and we go upstairs to his room. “Your mum seems really nice.” I say, smiling at Louis. “She’s a sweetheart.” Louis says ands chuckles, making me laugh softly. “Ok, let’s search for some information.” I say as Louis takes his laptop. After about half an hour his mum comes in with cookies. “Here you go.” she says and puts the plate on Louis’ desk. “Thanks.. Errm…” I reply, not knowing what her name actually is. “It’s Jay, sweetheart.” Jay says, laughing softly. “Thanks Jay.” “You’re welcome hun! So, how is it going with the presentation?” Jay asks us and smiles. “We’re already on half!” Louis says excitedly. “Great! Ooh Vanessa, would you like to eat with us tonight? I think the girls would love that.” Jay asks, smiling wide. “Yes, of course. But, is Louis a girl?” I look confused at Jay. “No! Louis has sisters, he didn’t tell you?” “No he didn’t.” I say and Jay and I both start laughing. “Well, do you want to?” “I’d love to!” “Great! I’ll see you two later!” Jay says, smiling when she leaves the room. “She’s so sweet.” I say, looking at Louis. “Yes, she really is! So, let’s finish the presentation.” Louis replies, smiling at me. “Ok!” It only takes us ten minutes to finish it. “Yes! We’re done!” Louis shouts. “Yes we are!” I say, laughing at Louis’s reaction. “So Vanessa, what are your hobbies?” Louis asks, turning in my direction. “I love to draw and sing.” I say. “Really? I’m in a band!” Louis says, smiling brightly. “That’s so cool! What’s the name of your band?” “One Direction.” “I’ve never heard of it, sorry. Could you play a few songs?” “I have them on my laptop.” Louis says and I browse through his songs. I click on a song called ‘One Thing’ and it starts playing. “Wow Louis, this sounds amazing!” I say when the song has ended. “Aww thanks, love.” “But who are the other voices?” “They are Niall, Zayn, Harry and Liam. I’ll introduce them to you someday.” “I’d love to meet them.” I say when my phone starts ringing. It’s my mum. “Hey mum!” I say when I pick up, smiling at Louis. “Hey darling! Where are you?” she asks me and I can hear she’s typing something on her computer. “I’m at a friend’s house. We had to make a presentation.” “Ooh, ok!” “Ooh, mum?” “Yes, sweetheart?” “Can I eat here tonight?” “Yes, of course! I won’t be home tonight so that’s good. I will be home at eleven PM. Have fun!” “Ok. Thanks mum! Bye!” “Bye hun!” I press the end button and put my phone back in my pocket. “So, is it ok?” Louis asks. “Yep, I can stay here! I’d love to meet your sisters.” I reply excitedly. “I think they would love to meet you too.” “I wanted to ask your mum if she needed our help, if that’s ok?” I ask and Louis smiles at me. “Yes, of course! She would love some help, I think.” Louis says, making me giggle. We both go downstairs and walk into the kitchen where Jay is preparing dinner. “Hey Jay!” I say happily. Jay smiles wide. “Hai sweetie!” “My mum said I could eat with you tonight.” “That’s great!” “I wanted to ask if you needed some help with anything.” “Yes, please. Could you and Louis please pick up the girls and together buy some ice cream for tonight?” Jay asks, smiling at me. “Yes, of course!” Louis smiles at me and we both walk outside, toward the school. We arrive at the school at wait for the girls. The bell rings and the girls walk over to us. “Lou, who is this girl?” Phoebe whispers to Louis when I talk to Daisy. “She’s a girl from my class, we had to do a presentation so that’s why she’s here.” Louis says and picks her up. “Well, she’s really pretty!” Phoebe says and looks at me. I look back at her and smile as Lottie and Fizzy walk over to us. Louis explained me who is who on our way to the school. “Yes she is!” Louis says chuckling. “Louis!” Phoebe giggles and messes with his hair. “But she is!” Louis says, smiling at Phoebe. “Louis thinks you’re—” Phoebe starts shouting. “Shh! Don’t say it out loud!” Phoebe giggles more and Louis sticks his tongue out. “So girls what kind of flavor do you want for ice cream?” Louis asks. “Well, I think that Vanessa may decide which flavor we’re going to take.” Daisy says. “That’s a great idea.” Louis says and smiles at me. “I totally agree.” Fizzy says and I smile at her “Aww, you’re all so sweet! Errm… I think I want chocolate, it’s my favorite.” I say, smiling at the girls. “Really? Mine too!” Lottie says. “Then we have something in common!” I say, smiling at her. “Let’s go to the shop, shall we?” Louis asks, chuckling. “Yes, of course.” We all walk to the shop, buy ice cream and walk back to Louis’s house. “We’re back!” Louis says. “Hey! Which flavor did you buy?” Jay asks while cooking dinner. “Well, we decided Vanessa had to pick one and she picked chocolate.” Fizzy says, putting the ice cream away. “Great choice Vanessa.” Jay says, laughing. “I know.” I say, laughing softly. “Ooh Vanessa, could you help me with the table, please?” Jay asks, smiling at me. “Yes, of course.” I reply, walking over to the table.

After ten minutes Jay calls everyone downstairs. “I want to sit next to Vanessa.” Daisy says. “No, I want to sit next to her.” Phoebe replies. “Girls, shall I sit in the middle?” I ask, giggling. “Yes!” they say at the same time. “But I want to sit next to Vanessa too.” Louis says while pouting playfully.” “I’m sorry Louis, the girls were first! And you already sat next to me for the whole day.” “Ooh, you’re right.” Louis says, chuckling. We all sit down at the table and Jay puts everything on it. We all start to eat and it tastes really good. “Jay, this is delicious!” I say excitedly. “Thanks darling.” Jay says, smiling at me. We all finish our dinner. “Ice cream!” Louis shouts. We all start laughing. Jay stands up from her chair. “Sit down Jay. Let me get it.” I say, smiling at her and walk to the kitchen. “Aww, thanks love!” I get the ice cream and put in onto the counter. “Who wants some ice cream?” I shout from the kitchen. “Me!” they all say. I get a few bowls and make it very special. I walk back to the others. “Woah! That looks amazing.” Lottie says. “Thanks! I always do it like this.” I reply, smiling wide. “Aaahh! You can eat with us every day.” Fizzy says. “I’d love to.” We laugh and all eat the ice cream. When we’re finished Jay and I clean up the table. Louis says: “Shall we watch a film?” “Yes!” we reply. “Alright.” Louis puts on a funny film. “Shall I get some popcorn?” I ask, looking at everyone. “I’d love some popcorn.” Daisy says, giggling softly. I go back to the kitchen and get some popcorn. Then Jay comes in as well. “Hey Jay!” I say. “Hi Vanessa! I want to thank you for your help today. It was really nice to have someone who helped me.” “You’re welcome! I always want to help people. And you’re so sweet.” “Aww, thanks love! You’re too.” Jay and I smile at each other and I go back to the others. “Here’s the popcorn!” “Yay!” This time I sit next to Phoebe. “Vanessa, I think you’re really pretty.” she whispers in my ear. “Aww thanks sweetie! You’re too.” “Thanks! You have to come here every day. The ice cream was delicious.” “I want to. You’re all so sweet. Thanks love. You must help your mum more often. I think she would love some help.” “I will!” She smiles at me and looks back at the screen. I smile at her and put her in my lap. She giggles and I wrap my arms around her. On the half of the film Louis comes sitting next to me. “Hey Louis.” I whisper softly. “Hi Nessa. I wanted to ask you something.” “What is it?” “Well, we live close to each other so would you like to walk to school with me?” “I’d love that.” “Great!” We smile at each other and concentrate on the film again.

When the film is over I go home. I give everyone a hug and they watch me leave. “Does she live there?” Lottie asks. “Yes, she does.” Louis says. “That’s so close! I want her to eat with us every day.” Daisy says. “She’s so lovely. She helped me a lot today.” Jay says. Then I remember that we have the presentation tomorrow and I turn around. “Ooh, Louis?” “Yes?” “Can you bring the presentation tomorrow?” “Of course!” “Okay, thanks! Bye!” I say and turn back around, walking into the house. “Bye hun!” When I close the door I smile and go upstairs. I kick off my shoes and take off my clothes. I change into my pajamas and crawl into bed. I set my alarm and close my eyes, drifting off to sleep. 

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