Friend Zone

What should you do, knowing full well that you are just a friend to him? How does it feel waking up every morning, travelling for 30 minutes to get to school, so you can finally have a glimpse of him? it worth it? Is it worth pursuing your feelings when you know more than anyone that HE WILL NEVER RECIPROCATE THEM?

Jasmine Antoinette Wright and Nathaniel Anderson are best friends, and are also secretly in love with each other. Will they be able to cross the line of being friends, or will they just let their chances of confessing slip away from their grasps? The deprivations of being a Friend Zonee and a Friend Zoner.


1. Jasmine's Perspective


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What should you do, knowing full well that you are just a friend to him? How does it feel waking up every morning, travelling for 30 minutes to get to school, so you can finally have a glimpse of him? it worth it? Is it worth pursuing your feelings when you know more than anyone that HE WILL NEVER RECIPROCATE THEM?




"Hey!" you heard him call from behind you. Of course, you will never mistake his voice for someone else's. His beautiful, deep, husky voice that you will never get tired of hearing because you love listening to him talk. Slowly, you put on a fake smile before you turned around to greet him.


"Hi!" you replied, trying to be in your usual cheerful mood simply because that's what you've made everyone believed in. Suddenly, when you saw his face, your heart started to beat abnormally faster than usual that you think it will explode any minute. You don't know how to keep calm, especially when he smiled at you.


"Morning." he grinned and you don't know how to act unaffectedly without him noticing.


"Morning." you greeted back, trying not to stutter when in fact, you're tongue-tied.


"Uh, today's a Tuesday, right?" you started the conversation for the first time which you wouldn't normally do, and you were somewhat proud of yourself because it was a success on your part.


"Yeah, so?" he replied nonchalantly while shrugging his shoulders. He didn't notice that it was you who first thought of something to talk about and you were a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, you just shrugged it off because you don't want to depress yourself over a simple matter.


"So? So it means that you don't have class today, yes?" you sarcastically told him.


"There was nothing to do at home and, is it wrong for someone like me to visit his friend? Wait no, let me rephrase that. Is it wrong for someone like me to visit his best friend?" he smirked, emphasizing the word 'best'. And there he goes again, flattering you in every way possible. You should have grown accustomed to his ways, you should have gotten used to him being sweet to you. Yet no matter how many times you try yourself to get used to it, you can't help but feel giddy inside even if you know it doesn't mean anything to him. You surreptitiously took a deep breath and calmed your insides. You rolled your eyes and grinned at him, trying to show him that what he said earlier didn't affect you at all.


"Ha-ha-ha. I know you more than anyone else and you didn't come here to visit me." you answered and laughed next. You were hurt by your own words, but you know in yourself that what you said is true. Still, you chose to ignore the pain you were currently feeling. After all, seeing him and talking to him makes your day complete. But he is your friend, your best friend, and confessing to him will just complicate things.


"Jasmine! There you are!" you heard a feminine voice calling out for you from afar so you turned around to see who it was.


"Megan!" you said when you recognized that it was your classmate. She stopped from running when she was a few steps away from you and you saw how she tried to catch her breath.


"What's wrong?" you asked, totally bewildered.


"I failed the Math exam. Can you please teach me some of the lessons later? Please? You know you're the only one I can talk to in class." she pleaded right after when she had steadied her breathing. Since you're the type of girl who doesn't turn down requests, you'll agree immediately as long as you can help.


"Uh...Sure. No problem." was the only thing you said which made the girl absolutely happy.


"Really? Oh, thank you Jas! You're my savior!" she hugged you for a second and broke it afterwards. You smiled at her awkwardly because you were shocked with what she did.


"Oh, I didn't know you were with someone." she said when she noticed him. "Sorry to interrupt you guys. I'll leave you be. Thanks again Jas." just when you thought she will already leave, she suddenly pulled you to a corner and whispered: "He's hot and you look cute together. Go get him, Jas!" she also winked at you before walking away. You were momentarily frozen on your spot until you heard him speak.


"Who was that, Jas?" he asked you while looking at the girl who was already a foot away. And the way he stared at her tore your heart into pieces.


"Her? She's Megan, my classmate in Math." you answered irritatingly. You saw how he grinned cheekily and you already know what it is that he wanted.


"Set me up with her, Jas? She's...interesting." hearing him say those words seemed like your whole world turned upside down. You want to cry, you want to scream, you want to hit a wall or maybe even someone, you want to tell him what you really feel right then and there, but you can't do all that. Instead, you looked up to him and smiled...bitterly.


"Hmm. A frappucino from Starbucks will do in exchange for setting you up with her." you told him, because you had no choice but to agree. No, you actually have a choice! You just don't have the guts to tell him what's inside you, because you think it isn't worth it, because you're afraid that everything might change, because you're too frightened to take a risk, because you treasure what you both have now, and because he is your best friend. And you know more than anyone else that he will never reciprocate your feelings because he treasures you too. You are his dear best friend after all.

end of first chapter



Note: Originally, this story was first published in Wattpad. So if you happened to have read this before, please don't worry because I personally own this account and the one in Wattpad as well. I re-posted this story here in Movella just because.

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