I Heard You Have Cooties!

I heard you have cooties, and I remember the day I heard you had cooties! So, right... just a poem really- also translated in Spanish/Espanol.


1. I heard you have cooties!

I heard you have cooties!

Don’t ask where; don’t ask who:

But Honey, how you must sneeze!

Isn’t this worse than the flu?

I heard you croak and choke!

I don’t know how or such:

But Love, this isn’t a joke!

Can’t you end up life on crutch?

I heard you moan and groan!

I don’t doubt it’s spot-on:

Dear, your rasp is coarse as stone!

Please don’t hug until it’s gone?

I remember the day I heard you had cooties;

You wheezed and sneezed, but I just loved to tease.

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