The Undead Effect

(For the Coldest Girl in Coldtown Competition) Hollow Mill may look 17, but she certainly is not. Truly, she has been alive for several centuries. Hollow is a member of the Undead Effect, - UE for short - the largest clan of vampires. Her goal is to be a spy for the UE. That means going out into the land of the humans, the living world, and bringing back information for the vampires. But as a spy, Hollow is no longer Hollow. Now, she's Ava, the regular human from New York. But how well can she fit in?


4. 3

The first day of school was the most nerve-wracking thing that I had ever experienced. 

Teenagers swarmed around me, their backpacks bumping into me. There was a buzz in the wide hallway, of talking and laughing and it was about to drive me insane. I hurried to the school's office to retrieve my schedule, since I hadn't been able to get it online like most students had. That was one flaw in our plan.

It ended up taking me a while to fight through the massive crowd to get to the office but when I finally did, I found myself in a quiet space. There were only twelve other students in the office which made me feel better. I was sure that at least half of them had the same problem as me. I connected eyes with the secretary, who gave me a reassuring smile while brushing her unruly red hair away from her face. She gestured for me to sit down in one of the chairs that lined the side of a recess in the wall, near her desk.

I assumed that she would call me up when she was ready to deal with me, so I sat down, plunking my backpack next to me on the floor. I pulled out my phone and unlocked it, not really wanting to socialize with anybody yet. Of course, I was supposed to socialize but I had already had enough of these humans. They were too loud for me. I enjoyed my silent phone, that Rose had taught me how to use, better.

"Hi," came a male voice next to me. I glanced up to see a boy who looked as old as I did physically.

He had sandy hair that was just short of falling into his eyes and chocolate brown eyes that made me forget how to speak for a second. He was grinning at me which made me swoon even more. Stay on task, Hollow, I instructed myself before verbally replying. 

"Uh, hi." My voice was nervous and I wished it hadn't come out that way. Surely he was laughing at me now.

"I'm Trevor; you must be new," he introduced himself, giving me a wider smile. It took everything in me not to fall out of my surprisingly comfortable chair. 

"I'm Ava... and how did you know?" I asked, turning my phone off and setting it in my lap, not wanting him to see who I was messaging with.

"That you're new?" he clarified. I nodded. "I just haven't seen you around before, and I know everybody," he boasted. 

"Even the freshman?" My eyebrows rose questioningly.

He looked caught in a lie with his cheeks all pink, making me laugh. "Well, I guess not..."

"But you knew I wasn't a freshman?" I said further. Was this the way normal humans talked? I hoped.

"Yeah. You just don't look like one, you know?" he replied answering my next question. I shrugged and fidgeted in my chair, blinking. I hoped I had remembered to blink before.

"No, I don't really know but I'll just have to trust you on that one."

For that, he smiled which in turn made me smile.

"So, are you a junior?" he asked. His face was hopeful, and I almost lied to make him happy.

"Actually, no. I'm a new teacher."

Trevor's face immediately paled, reminding me of my friends at the UE. "Wow, uh, what c-class do you teach?" he stuttered.

I bursted out laughing. "I'm only joking! I'm a sophomore."

He sighed with relief and then joined in laughing, lightening my heart. "Oh phew! That would've been bad... Well-"

"Uh you, girl with the plaid shirt!" the secretary woman called, directing her words at me. I got up quickly, grabbing my backpack from the ground and slinging it over my shoulder.

"I guess I'll see you later," I said in goodbye. He smiled halfheartedly at me, scratching the back of his neck.

"Yeah... Bye, Ava."

And with my heart racing in anticipation of talking to another human, I walked over to the secretary and explained my new student with no schedule situation to her. She smiled at me and handed me a copy of my schedule and a map of the school. She spent a few minutes marking each of my classes on the map with a sharpie so I wouldn't get lost and then sent me on my way, wishing me good luck.

Once outside the office, I took a big breath. I had just had two conversations with humans- the first time I had spoken to one of them in multiple centuries. It all just felt so surreal to be in the living world once again. 

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