The Undead Effect

(For the Coldest Girl in Coldtown Competition) Hollow Mill may look 17, but she certainly is not. Truly, she has been alive for several centuries. Hollow is a member of the Undead Effect, - UE for short - the largest clan of vampires. Her goal is to be a spy for the UE. That means going out into the land of the humans, the living world, and bringing back information for the vampires. But as a spy, Hollow is no longer Hollow. Now, she's Ava, the regular human from New York. But how well can she fit in?


1. UE Introduction

"Are you scared of me?" he asked in a low voice, stalking towards her. The teen was shaking, her small frame wavering. Other than that, she stood completely and utterly still. 

"No," she replied shortly, not willing to give him the satisfaction of her fear. The man, he must have been twenty years old or so, smiled, his bright white teeth standing out in the dull forest. He took another step, his black boot crunching on a leaf.

"I don't believe you," he whispered. She swallowed. Why had she decided to go for a walk in the woods while the sun was going down? She mentally slapped herself. And especially when there was a Vampire On the Loose Warning.

"I know what you are." Her voice was strong, but beneath the front, there was a little girl sobbing and shaking and pleading for mercy.

The man laughed, the sound ringing in her ears, through the forest, causing a rustling in the trees, the sound of birds flying away. Even the birds were afraid. "Oh, of course! And I, too, know what you are," he teased her. He was merely a foot away now. She knew it was the end.

"Who are you?" she asked, wanting to at least know who would be the reason she would die. He smirked.

"I thought you knew everything," he joked. 

"I know what you are, but not who," she clarified, willing herself not to take a step back as he advanced on her. 

"I will tell you, but only if you give me your name first."

She didn't reply, pursing her full lips together. 

"You're a beautiful human," he whispered, his mouth less than three inches away from her ear. She could smell the wintergreen of a mint on his breath. She fought the urge to shudder. "With those pretty blue eyes..." He trailed his finger along the bare skin of her neck and she wished that she had worn a scarf. The finger that was touching her skin had probably - no, definitely - killed people. It made her feel sick, bile rising in the back of her throat.

"So young and full of life. Thin brown hair..." He twirled a bit of her hair around his slender finger. "Tell me your name, pretty girl," he persuaded her.

After a moment of her staring blankly ahead, she finally stuttered, "J-Jessie Peck."

"Surely 'Jessie' isn't on your birth certificate. Tell me your full name, little one." There was a smile in his voice, but Jessie wasn't looking at him. She couldn't bear to. 

"Jessa- Jessamine Katherine Peck."

It was cold and windy, and she could tell that the tips of her ears were probably pink by now. Her fingers felt more numb as the moon rose and the forest became darker. 

"Jessamine, would you like to know my name?"

Jessie didn't say anything.

"Well, I'm not going to tell you if you don't talk to me," he purred in her ear, poking his tongue out to lick a thin stripe on the outside of her ear. She heard him hum in pleasure as she shivered involuntarily. "Delicious," he mumbled as an afterthought.

"Y-Yes. I want to know your name," she finally responded. The part on her ear that he had licked felt drastically colder than anywhere else on her body, because the wind on the wetness added more of a chill.

"I want to hear you say something first, okay, pretty human?"

"What?" Her curiosity got the best of her, and she mentally scolded herself for playing into his game.

"Repeat this: I, Jessamine Katherine Peck, promise to commit myself to the Undead Effect. I will not stray or be a traitor. If I do such treachery, I agree to burn myself at a stake with the fire of the Devil."

Jessie's eyes widened. This was the oath. This was the agreement that would make her one of them. A vampire.  

"No. No! I won't!" she cried.

He made tut-tut noises with his tongue before sweeping the hair off her shoulder. Jessie stood frozen. This was it. She was dying. 

"You would have made a good addition to the UE. It's a shame... Are you sure?" he asked, running his lips over the pale skin of her neck. Jessie didn't reply. She didn't trust herself to say 'yes, I'm sure' without bursting into tears. This wasn't the way that she had pictured her death. And she didn't want to cry in front of him. 

"Alright," he said reluctantly. He brought his lips away from her neck, and relief swallowed her. But then, his mouth moved towards hers. She simply watched with eyes like saucers, unable to pull away. Her feet had become cement. 

And then his mouth was on hers, except not really. At first, he was kissing her, but then his lips pulled back, exposing his sharp teeth, and he was biting into her lips. She made a squeaking noise of surprise, and then it turned into a scream.

The pain- oh the pain was terrible, no horrific. It felt like a million needles were being injected into her lips. Like her lips were gone, and the rest of her was falling apart. Her body was on fire then, the flame traveling through her veins, and she could feel every spark. With the fire in her lungs, she couldn't breathe. It was absolute torture. She tried to scream but no sound came through.

He pulled his mouth away from hers but she didn't notice. The pain consumed her from head to toe. 

"It's called the Kiss of Death," she barely heard him whisper, and then there was more fire on her neck, if that was even possible. His teeth sunk into the milky white skin, and then the fire was being opened to oxygen from that pinpoint. It burned even worse than the rest of her body, even though it felt like she was already experiencing the worst pain. 

She didn't know how she was still standing up.

He was sucking the blood right out of her, she realized. The fire only got hotter and she was sure that her body physically was in flames. But it only felt that way. He laughed after the pressure of his mouth was taken away from her neck. He let her body drop to the ground, and only once he had carved the letters 'UE' onto her forehead with his amazingly sharp fingernail, did the pain disappear. Only then did her soul disappear. Gone. Dead.

The pretty little human was now a bloodless mess of a human- dead.


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