You promised me!

The story is about 18 year old Sofia, who gets shot by her ex at a Club and Justin´s there. You´ll have to read to figure out what´s gonna happen..Trust me you wont be dissapointed!


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You promised me!


"No don´t do this"  I said with a slight sound of fear in my voice. " YOUR GIVING ME NO CHOICE!" he said with a gun pointed at me. He stood there, looking at me with anger and remorse in his eyes. "Why are you doing this" I said sobbing. While we were just standing there looking at eachother, the toilet door opened and in came 3 girls chit-chatting about guys they wanted to pull. I heard a loud noise and all of the sudden I was laying on the floor, with blood coming out of my leg. I rushed out of there, I mean as fast as I could.  The first thing I saw coming out of there, was stairs. I don`t know where they led, but I didn´t care. I had to get away fast or else he would find me and end my life. I ran as fast as I could and when I finally got to the top I bumped into someone. " I´m sorry" I said with my hand on my leg. I looked at him and saw that it was the Justin Bieber. He looked at me as if he pitied me. " Are you okay? What happened"  He looked frightened.  Unable to answer because of my eyes flickering, threatening me to pass out, I looked up and saw that I was in the VIP section.  I found the floor with my other hand and sat down. " My ex" I said trying to complete a sentence. " Shot me in the leg. You know I´m sorry I didn´t mean to waste your time" I said just managing to get up. "No don´t go! You can´t go" he said with a slight sound of panic in his voice. " Come here". He led me to a chair right in front of everyone he was with, Alfredo, Big Sean, Maejor Ali, Juicy J and a few more that I didn´t recognize. Most of them were looking at my blonde hair and lineaments and of course my curves. I had beautiful curves and a lot of people envied them, or so they said. I looked to my right and saw Matthew, my ex. " NO!" I whispered and fell to the ground. "That´s him, the one that shot me in the leg" I said. Justin immediately  ran downstairs, or at least tried too. " Don´t...please"  I said. "Why". "He´ll kill you! I´m not joking, he will" I started to panic and my eyes felt heavier. He started shaking me and yelled to Alfredo that he had to get the car close to club quickly. I collapsed with my weight falling over his arm. Half unconscious he carried me out and into his Audi R8 with the leopard print. He drove crazily quickly and carried me into his home. The first thing he did was call his doctor to come help me get the bullet out of my leg. My eyes shut and I went into a sweet and comfortable dream.

I woke up the next day with my leg pulled up in one of those things that doctors put you in when you´ve broken your leg. I looked at the place where the bullet had been, which had now been replaced with a white bandage. Where was I? I don´t remember getting here. I looked around and saw no one. My leg was pounding, but I managed to get it out of the holder. I walked out into the kitchen and saw a guy, tall and muscular with brown hair. He was gorgeous!. He turned around and didn´t see me standing there. " You scared me and what are you doing out of bed". I took a deep breath. I was in Justin Bieber´s home!. " What am I doing here? I really don´t remember getting here". He looked at me a bit confused " So you don´t remember getting shot in the leg either". " Of course I remember that you idiot" I said with a bit of sarcasm in my voice. He laughed at me " You know you lost a lot of blood so you might feel a bit nauseas today because he had to make a blood transfusion on you". I looked very confused and concerned. " Let´s get you to bed now" he giggled while saying that. Gosh everything about him is enchanting. I never fall for guys because all they want is sex! Of course a lot of guys has asked me to be they´re girlfriend, but none of them seemed...appropriate, if you could put it that way. There´s something about Justin, maybe it´s his hazel eyes or maybe I´m getting insane, who knows?  The first thing I saw in his room, was all the designer furniture's. Gosh it´s pretty. He put me onto his massive double bed. " Now sleep" He almost commanded me to do so. " I´ll try" I said giggling. He just smiled and shook his head at me and walked out. I slept till about 13.00 am. As I was walking down I heard multiple voices talking about me. "So how is she" Alfredo asked. " I think she´s okay, or at least I hope so" Justin replied. " Well do you like her" Alfredo pushed Justin a bit, with a huge grin on his face. " She´s gorgeous and did you look at that body" Justin said and his jaw dropped to the floor. " Yeah that´s one hell of a body, she should be really happy about that though. There must be a like a thousand boys in line for her" Alfredo exclaimed. " Yeah your probably right" Justin said sounding a bit sad. Now was the time that I decided to interrupt. I walked in there yawing like the world depended on it. "Good morning sleepyhead" Justin said. Alfredo just smiled at me. " Good morning" I said with a huge grin on my face. " What are you laughing at" Justin said with his usual, oh I´ll just flash my perfect smile so that every girls heart will melt, look. " So you think I´m gorgeous ha?". Justin´s face turned red in an instant. I couldn´t help but laugh at his reaction. " Well there´s no denying in that". " Well thank you Justin. You aren´t so bad yourself". I hopped onto the kitchen table and Alfredo and I laughed so hard. Justin didn´t get why, so instead he just said " I´m heading for the studio and don´t leave! I´d like to see you when I get back". " Ay ay sir" I said making my voice deep and looking serious, but ended up laughing anyway. " No sorry. Have a good time at the studio" I said flashing my prettiest smile. He just smiled back and left me and Alfredo alone.

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