An angel in a Nephilliam body

Joy Hope Love. That's my name, with a Bethany infront for the benefit of mortals. I'm an Archangel in human form, or so I was told. I live in New York and am guided in my task by the Nephilliam family of the Lightwoods. This is my story.

This takes place within the book of City of Bones, it doesn't have Clary in though. This is my first piece, feel free to leave comments but no hate please! If you want a background character please ask, if you want a ship you can't have Simon, Jace, Magnus or Alec (I can't break up the Malec <3) THANKS

I'm afraid to say I won't be finishing this story because I can't think of where to take it but there will be more of my stories (that will become finished) out soon, I apologise for this inconvenience. xxx

I'm looking for a co-author for a new Movella I'm working on, if your interested let me know! Xxx


1. A case of identity (introduction)

My name is Love. Really, Bethany-Joy Compassion Love, that's my name. You may be wondering why that's my name because, it's well, weird. But before I tell you that I'm going to tell what I am. You may noticed I said 'what' instead of 'who' and, you see, I'm not entirely human. Not human at all in fact! The only thing I have in common with a human is looks, and then, only when I wish it. Now time for me to answer what I am. Well I'm not a Warlock for I am not human and demon. Neither am I Faerie demon and angel. Nor am I Nephilliam, not angel and mortal. I am not Night's child, or Moon's child. So, what am I? I am Archangel. Full bonafied angel, wings and a halo when I wish them to show! But yes, I am on the Mortal planet- Earth- and my mother and father were Archangels. I never knew my parents, they were killed on a mission to Earth just after I was born. It's ok though, it doesn't hurt because I didn't know them so I have nothing to grieve for. I'm ok though, I'm 16 now and I'm on Earth, I stay with a family of Nephilliam called the Lightwoods sometimes, they have three sons, the youngest; Alec, the oldest; and Jace, the adopted, and a daughter called Isabelle the middle child. I live in an apartment I was assigned to when I came down here and visit the Institute, the place that the Lightwoods run, on a weekly basis- which has given me plenty of time to break about a thousand angel laws and fall in love with Jace, not that he feels the same way about me..... Jace, well, there's so much you could say and so little words! He looks like an angel (I would know wouldn't i?!) his chiseled jaw line, tousled golden hair and fathomless golden eyes, he moves with so much grace and composure he never trips up or makes a mistake, he has artist's hands and there are faint scars, the old marks of runes, across his back, chest and arms. Unfortunately Jace knows he's gorgeous and would never go out with an angel like me.....  Did you ever hear the rumour that all angels are beautiful? Well the memo seemed to have skipped me. I'm only chest height on Jace, I have just below the shoulder length chocolate brown hair, I'm ashamed to say I'm not as flat chested as could be, my legs are too thin but then we come to my eyes. My eyes are probably the only part of me I like, their bright vivid green, dark forest green and every other type of green in between with flecks of gold littering them. Their no where near as nice as Jace's eyes, nothing can compare to them, but their not the worst to have. One last thing, I told you I would tell you about my name. My name is was chosen by The Father to reflect the personality and traits that it's destined I would have. In Heaven my name was just Joy Compassion Love but upon coming to the mortal world I was give a normaler name. I am destined to be Joyful, Compassionate (no idea what that entails) and Loving. Can't wait, but until then I'm pretty much your average, everyday, teenager.
Now the introductions are done, my story may commence.....


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