The Werewolves God Daughter


1. Chapter 1

April Lupin-Black was your average girl. She had blonde-brown hair, blue-grey eyes, and was short and skinny for her age. She had a chirpy, yet a bossy personality, and liked to get what she wanted. She didn’t like getting bossed around, at all.  She lived in a small cottage on the very edge of London with her godfather, because her mother was dead and she didn’t know anything about her father. Her godfather’s name was Remus Lupin. Remus had sandy coloured hair, brown eyes and he was fairly tall.

One thing that made April not your average girl was the fact that she was a witch.

Today was a special day for April, seeing as it was her eleventh birthday. Remus came into April’s room while she was doing her hair. For an eleven year old, she liked to have perfect hair and makeup before seeing other people.

“April, do you know what day it is today?” Remus asked her.

          “Saturday, dad?” She said to Remus. Even though he wasn’t her actual father, he was the closest thing she had to one.

          “Yes, but the date?” Remus patiently asked her. April checked the calendar next to her mirror.

          “Oh my goodness! It’s April the twenty first!” April squealed excitedly, only just realising it was her birthday. Remus chuckled at her.

          “Yes it is honey, and guess what came by owl today?” Remus asked her, showing a letter with a blood-red seal on the back of it.

          “Oh my goodness! No. It isn’t!” April screamed happily.

          “It is! Your official Hogwarts letter!” Remus joined in with her. Even though April was not his actual child, he loved her like she was. April picked up the letter, it read:

‘Miss April Lupin-Black

Second Bedroom

1 Willow Drive


Dear Miss Lupin-Black,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins September 1. We await your owl no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress’

April looked up from the letter with the biggest smile on her face Remus had ever seen.

“Now, I have a present for you here..” Remus said slowly while walking out of the room. A few seconds later he came back into April’s room with a beautiful owl. The owl was brown with blonde speckles on it.

“Dad, is this really for me?” April asked him.

“Yes, and he’s a boy. I have a cage and bird food in my study, do you like him?” Remus told her.

“No, I love him dad! I’m gonna call him Bohu!” April said happily.

“Bohu?” Remus asked her, unsure. (pronounced beau-who)

“I’m pretty sure it’s Spanish for owl. I have no idea how I know that, I don’t even know Spanish!” April yells, running to get Bohu’s cage from Remus’s study. She searches the room, then finds the cage behind a large chair. She lifts up the cage, but it’s surprisingly heavy and she drops it.

“DAD!!  CAN YOU COME IN HERE!?” April yells. Soon enough Remus comes through the door.

“I dropped the cage; can you carry it to my room?” April asks.

“Of course I can sweetie.” Remus says, picking up the cage with ease.

          Once April and Remus were both in April’s room they started up a conversation.

          “Dad, what’s Hogwarts like?” April asked him suddenly.

          “Well, it’s a giant beautiful school. In Hogwarts, you will be sorted into a house, now your house will be like your family. There’s Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Gryffindor’s tend to be brave and speak their mind; Ravenclaw’s are very smart and a bit obsessed with perfection; Hufflepuff’s are very loyal and are great friends and Slytherin’s are sneaky and cunning.” Remus stated.

          “Which house were you in?” April asked.

          “Gryffindor, my dear, so were my three best friends.” Remus said, slowing uncomfortably at the last few words. He never liked to talk about his old friends, about how one turned evil and killed one of them and was the reason of another’s death. Luckily April could see that he was uncomfortable and thought to herself: ‘that’s weird, whenever he told me of stories when he was at school, he had only said two of their names, James and Peter. Was there one I didn’t know about?’

          “So, did you have any enemies at Hogwarts?” April questioned.

          “Ahh, well, my group used to prank people a lot, mostly Slytherins because most of them are evil…” Remus said, drifting into a daydream of his pranking days at Hogwarts.

          “But dad, what if I get into Slytherin?” April asked frantically.

          “Then Slytherin house will have gained a bright, beautiful, brilliant witch.”

          “Naw, thank you daddy.”

          “It’s alright, even though I don’t think you’ll be in Slytherin.” Remus said.

          “That’s good…” April said before going down to breakfast.



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