Long One Shot One Direction Love Stories

Title says it all.


1. I Wish *Niall Horan*

This story is for Mariane, My friend. Hope you like it. Enjoy reading. :)

It's 7o'clock in the morning and I'm already awake. I usually wake up at 9 or 10 o'clock but this day is special. It's Hana's Comeback. Who's Hana you ask? Well, She's just me Super, mega, ultra best friend. We've been classmates since Kindergarten and still in Middle school only. It was a year and a half since she moved there. Her dad found a decent job in Ireland so they need to move away. At first she didn't wanted to go because she didn't want to leave me. I convinced her to go and just have fun. "We can still have contact with each other. You can write letters to me and I'll write some for you too." I remember saying that to her. She nodded and hugged me tight. When she got there, we wrote letters every month to each other until she sent me a letter that shocked me.

Dear Mariane,

How are you there? I miss you so much. I have some good news for you. You see, My best friend here in London was in a famous band. They will be having a concert there next month. I convinced Mum and Dad to let me come with them. Luckily, my best friend's parents are a close friend of my dad. They had already approved so I will see you next month. I love you and I miss you!
P.S.: Could you convince your parents to let us stay there for a while? Thank you!

My mom and dad had a surprise business trip so I'm here alone for almost 3 days now. She will be sleeping in my room and her friends will be sleeping at my parents' room. I wish they wont mess up my parents' room. I get off my bed and did my daily routine. I walked straight to the shower room. I stripped off and went inside. Hot water rolled down to my skin. Oh how I love that feeling. After taking a shower, I reached for a warm towel and dried myself. I opened my closet and wore this. I went down and ate some cereal. I brushed my teeth and grabbed the keys and my coat. I opened the door and went inside my car. I drove to the airport to fetch them. 
*Skip the car ride*
I went inside the airport and checked my phone. A message from Hana.
--Phone Conversation--
Hana: Hey Mariane. Where are you? We're in Star bucks right now. Second floor. :)
Me: Alright. Coming!
--End of Phone Conversation--
I stepped on the elevator and a cute blond guy was inside. He's wearing his earphones and texting. He didn't probably noticed me.The elevator closes as I grab my phone. Hana sent me a message again.
--Phone Conversation--
Hana: Which do you prefer? Strawberry, Milk or Caramel? 
Me: I'd go for Strawberry, of course. Am I going to pay this or you?
Hana: My Treat. 
--End Of Phone Conversation--
The elevator stopped at the second floor. We stepped out on the same time, so we got a little bit stuck. I stepped back. He did the same. "You go first." I said. "No. You go first. I insist." he said with an Irish accent. Whoa. We got some gentleman in here. "Thank you." I replied. I stepped out and walked away. I noticed we are going the same way. I ignored and his phone rang. "Hello?" he said on the phone. "I'm on my way. I just got a little lost. And Hana..." he said. What? Did I heard that right? Hana? No. There are many people named Hana too. "Chill.." I whispered to myself. I reached Star bucks, I saw Hana beside a curly guy and some other guys. He's handsome, but he's not my type. I've got to admit, they look good together. Hana noticed me. She waved both of her hands. I waved mine too. I looked back and saw the blonde boy waving too. Does he know Hana? How? I looked back at Hana. I raised my eyebrow. When she was near to us, she hugged my tight. I hugged back. "He's my best friend in London." she whispered to me. She pulled back. "I missed you soo much!!" she said to me. "Hey Niall. Your coffee's at the table. I feel like Louis' sipping it to the last drop." she said to him. "Not again!" he said. I chuckled. He looked at me and smiled. "Oh I forgot! Niall, this is Mariane. Mariane this is Niall." she introduced us to each other. "Nice to meet you." he said, offering his hand. I accepted it and said "Nice to meet you too.". "Let's continue the chit chat at the table. Let's go." she said. I nodded as we walked towards the table. I sat beside Hana and Niall. "Lads, This is Mariane. She's my childhood friend and we've been friends since Kindergarten." she said. "Hey Mariane!" all of them greeted. Hana introduced each one of them and I am really getting close to them like I know them for years already. Hana even told me story when she and Niall met. "So we were sophomores when we met each other. I met him on the front gate. He was playing soccer with his friends. When he kicked the ball, it went straight to my head that I fell on the ground! He helped me up and started apologizing again and again!" she said. "I've got to admit. It's true!" Niall said. All of us laughed. "I said I was okay and he smiled at me. He went back to his friends and I went to my locker. I placed my things there and when I closed mine, I was shocked when I saw him again. His locker was beside mine.He didn't noticed me so I went straight to the classroom. I sat on the middle. The class has started and the seat next to me is still empty. The teacher was on the middle of the discussion when he arrived. He was scolded pretty bad. He sat beside me and he saw me. He was shocked and started apologizing again. We had a little chat and on lunch, we sit on the same table and discuss some topics. I even encouraged him to join X Factor when I heard his voice." she said. "If Hana didn't encouraged me to join, I wouldn't be here." Niall said. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. "So can we go to the Ocean Park now?" Louis whined. "Sure!" Harry replied with a huge smile on his face. "Who will pay for the tickets?" Hana asked. "I'll pay for yours." Harry said. Hana blushed. "HOW ABOUT ME?" Louis shouted. The boys said said too. "Fine! I'll pay for all of you!" Harry said. "YEAH!" the boys screamed. Me and Hana smiled as she whispers the exact words: "I think you and him can get along pretty well." then she winks at me. What does she mean? Who is she talking about? Those questions spun around my head as I forgot that we're about to go to the car. "Mariane! Let's go!" Niall said, offering his hands. I reached for his hands as we walk towards the car. We really got along pretty well. We shared some stories of our life until we reached the ocean park. We get out off the car laughing. "Should we go separate ways?" Zayn asked. "YES!" Niall and Harry said. "NO!!" Liam and Louis replied. They started to argue just like little kids. Hana pulled me out of their circle. "Let's leave them alone for a moment. Let's just seat on the bench over there." she said, pointing at the wooden bench on our left side. "What happened when I was gone?" she asked. "Well, I was a little bit shock without my best friend at first, but as time passes by.." I stopped. "Go on. Continue it." Hana said. "Zach  helped me to be the same Mariane." I answered. "That's a different Zach, right?"  she asks. Zach was Hana's ex-boyfriend. Me and Zach we're pretty close friends even when they aren't in a relationship yet. They dated for 2 months because Hana caught him cheating on her. After that, she told me not to speak to him again. I can't do that, because me and Zach we're good friends. I guess I broke the rules. "No. It's.. 'THE' Zach." I admitted. "I told you not to talk to him, right?!" she said, raising the tone of her voice. I bowed down my head and felt a huge lump on my throat. I think I'm gonna cry at that moment. She just stared at me in awe and then walked away. She went to "The Rainbow Jellyfish"  and I stayed on the bench. Harry saw her and followed her. "I wish someone comforts me too" I muttered. "I wish I could comfort someone." a soothing voice said. I turned around and saw Niall standing there. "Oh,hi! Where are the others?" I asked, like nothing happened. "They went to swim with the dolphins. Should we go to the other tunnel or should we follow them?" he asked. "I think we should go to the other tunnel." I said with a friendly smile. "You've read my mind." he said then smiled.  We walked and admired the different sea creatures swimming in the water. Suddenly, two unexpected fishes kissed in front of us. It looked pretty cute so I took a picture of it.
"That's a keeper!" I said. "Yeah. It's cute, right?" Niall said. "I agree." I replied. "have you ever been kissed before?" he asked. "To be honest, not yet." I confessed. "What about you? Have you've been kissed before?" I added. "Yes." he said confidently. The whole room was awkward since we are the only person in the room. "FOUND THEM!" a familiar voice said. I turned around and saw Zayn, Louis and Liam running. They are really sweaty. Seems like they're running for almost an hour now. "What's up, lads?" Niall said. "About... Hana!" Louis said catching his breath. "What happened to her?!" I panicked. "Hana Fainted... Her asthma is attacking her! She lost her inhaler!" Louis said. "Oh God." Niall trembled. "I think I have an extra inhaler in my bag!" I said. "Let's go! Hurry!!" Liam shouted. We ran to the clinic and saw Hana lying on the bed. Harry was sitting on a chair beside the bed and holding her hand. "What happened here?" I asked. Harry looked at me with his sad eyes. "Hana fainted. Seems like her asthma was attacking her again." he said. "Has she woken up yet?" I asked. "No." he sighed. I went straight to the nurse's table. "Do you have any liquid ammonia?" I asked. "There is." she said as she opens her cabinet to get the ammonia and poured some on the cotton. "Here you go." she said with a smile. "Thank you." I said. I ran back to Hana's bed. I placed the cotton near to her nose so she can wake up. In almost a minute, she had her consciousness back. Harry lit up a smile again and so did Niall. I reached for her inhaler in my bag. Yes. It's hers. I always carry it all the time because her parents gave that to me and they said to carry it everywhere we go. I never forget that."You still remembered it?" she said in a cracking voice. "Of course!" I said smiling. She hugged me and sprayed twice. She lied down on the bed again and said she's feeling better now. Harry kissed her hand and hugged me. Then Zayn, then Louis, then Liam and finally, Niall. He hugged me really tight. "Thank you so much." He whispered. I pulled away and said "Hey, that's what friends are for.". 

*2 months later*

Hana and Harry became lovers a week after the Ocean Park trip. Today, I'm supposed to meet Niall at Nando's. To be honest, I don't know why. I'm fixing my hair now and preparing my casual outfit, Nothing fancy. 
"Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy ’til we see the sun I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love And never, never, never stop for anyone Tonight let’s get some and live while we’re young"
Niall's calling. I picked it up and answered. "Where in the world are you?" he asked. "I'm done. Are you outside now?" I replied. "No. But Liam's there to fetch you." he said. "Alright. Be there in a minute." I said and hung up. I glimpsed at the mirror and checked if I'm ready.  Seems like so. I said to myself. I smiled and went downstairs. I saw Mum and dad on the couch watching the television. "Going out tonight. Be here before 8." I said. "Be careful sweetie!" Dad said. I kissed their cheeks and opened the door. I saw Liam leaning on his car texting. He notices I was already done. "Hey. Let's go!" Liam said. I nodded and got in the car. He drove off and the ride was totally awkward. "You look nice. I'm happy for Niall that he found someone like you." he said. "Thank you. I wish you'll find someone good for you too." I said, smiling. "Oh how I wish." Liam said. We got there at Nando's for about fifteen minutes. I got out of the car and Liam left in a flash. Nando's was really dark. Is Niall really here? I thought to myself. I opened the door and I was so surprised that there was a table for two, candles and petals of roses everywhere, Musicians playing relaxing songs and most of all, a banner saying:
Niall was there holding a bouquet of flowers and kneeling on the ground. I felt tears escaping from my eyes. "I've only known you for 2 months now but it felt like.. Forever. Whenever we talk, play, walk and eat together, my heart races. I don't know why, but it feels like.. It's you, the girl that my heart is searching for. Will you be my girl?" he asked. "YES!" I said. We hugged each other and accepted his flowers. He leaned as he kissed me. Fireworks and Butterflies in the dark, dancing and flying together. I pulled away as he smiled at me. He was beet red that made me smile. The rest of night was fantastic. Isn't this the best day ever? I thought to myself.

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