Veronica has been searching for months but she was starting to give up she was a werewolf hunter/seeker she was sent on a quest to look for three of any of them and she has been out here here for three months but the was sign of them.


1. Giving up

Veronica's P.O.V


"a couple more  months please Veronica" Mandy pleaded "no they are not going to come and they never will" I sighed. I walked back to my tent and started to pack my belongings "what about one more night" Mandy said out side my tent "fine if it really means that much to you" I yelled through the thin wall of material " thank you so much" Mandy said  I listened for her footsteps and they slowly padded away until I couldn't hear them anymore I collapsed in to my bed and remembered that I said to my family I would be back within a week or less but that might not be happening anymore I sighed one more time and fell asleep.


Mandy's P.O.V

Veronica said yes to staying one more night and that's lucky because it is the full moon and I garuntee it's going to be fun. Any way she seems so distracted about this she is always thinking about her family  and she never talks about this werewolf stuff anymore. I heard someone say hello at the front of the camp I walked over and this really hot guy  who to me looked like Tyler hoechilin asked if there was a Veronica I said yes and he walked straight pass me an went looking for Veronica.


Derek's P.O.V


i saw a giant house looking thing saw I walked over to it and this really nerdy girl came out I asked if there was a Veronica and she said yes so  totally ignored her and went looking for Veronica. I found her in a purple tent at the very back when she saw me she looked at me like she hadn't seen me for years she got up and hugged me then that nerdy girl came and she told Veronica the full moon was only 7 hours away so get ready she turned around and grabbed her backpack. She obviously didn't know what has changed since she left. Let me tell you first of all I was attacked by a werewolf and now I am now officially a werewolf and my step-brother passed away and our mum blames me so yeah and the next thing my 24 year old sister is hunting werewolves. So this what I told her "so are you a werewolf hunter" I said in my most casuall voice.

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