Its All Over.

When brooke goes on a camping trip and not paying attention. her life changes


1. Me

Brooke - Hi Im Brooke and i have 1 friend her name is Mackenzie. We've been friends since 4th grade. were in 11th grade now. Well heres the story!

"Brooke come and help me pack up!" my mum said.

"Coming" i yelled running down the steps.

We were going to Niagara Falls. Im really mad that Mackenzie couldn't come. i begged and begged but nothing came out from it.

i packed everything in the duffle bag and we headed out. 

we got to the airport and waited and got in the plane 


 **Skip plane ride**

We got out and walked until we got a cab.

"Mom imma sleep" i said 

she nodded.


*Skip car ride*

"Brooke wake up were here." i heard her say.

"Ok, Ok im up" i said

I got i out and this is what my eyes saw. (Not really what it looks like i think)

It was a camp site and then u got out of the car and looked and it was there a ring with a waterfall and no gate to block you from falling. oh no.

I immediately put in my earbuds and helped set up the tents. (i got my own tent)

*skip set up*

It was almost 10 p.m. and my mom went to bed.

I got up and caller id called. unknown.

i answered it and they said:

"I will find you"








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