How You Saved Me (Collection of Short Stories)

Hello my lovely readers this is a collection of short stories all put into one convenient Movella titled 'How You Saved Me'
Each of the short stories I will try to make as detailed as possible and do spell check before I post.
Each of the stories will be under a different title and each will be different.
-I do not take requests to put a actual thing that has happened to you in this Movella. But I do take suggestions to put in with your permission and credit.-
Do not take credit for stories written because they are written by me (aka: HeavyHeartedAngel) But if you do use these stories in one of your Movellas please give credit.
And now onto the story!


1. The Omegle Angel

I rolled the pills in my hand as I let out a sigh, I waited for the chat to be connected to someone with the same interests.                

As weird as it sounds, the wait was suspenseful. Then finally I was connected to a stranger, they weren't typing so i made the first move.

‘The pills are in my hand and i'm trying to make my decision. Tell me why I shouldn't.'

I typed, I was quick to get a reply.


‘You're worth it. Why should you take your life for something that others say about you?’

The stranger typed.  

‘Not good enough. One pill down.’

I took one of the pills.


‘Because, at some point in your life, you will find something or someone, a purpose to hold onto your life and keep on living. it may not be now, but it will come some day. Think of it this way: I don't even know you and I care, i'm sure everyone else does too.'


That made me think everything over. It made me think of what i could miss, what friends i could make, what i could do in the future...I cant do this.


I slowly put down the pills and with shaky hands wrote a simple reply "Thank You." and disconnected.

I can do this.



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