If Only I Had Known

Hi im Taylor anderson i have blonde hair and brown eyes my life was normal until one day i woke up after my friend Maia's 18th birthday party and got information that changed my life, someone liked me. But the question is did i like him well i thought i did until... Read to find out.


1. He likes me?

 I woke up it was pitch black i couldnt see anything i began to walk around where was i.if your wondering im Taylor Anderson i have long dirty blonde hair and brown eyes., i then began to speak"hello"i shouted "hello" someone said back. I walked around when  i ran into someone i let out a loud scream"ahh"i said. Even though i couldnt see i could tell the person was startled."whats your name"i said."Liam"he said."really you know theres like a billion liams in this world liam who"i said"liam payne"he said kind of annoyed.then it hit me i knew exactly where i was it was my best friend Maia's birthday she had it in some old abandond house and some how she got One Direction to play and i must have got knocked out probably by Max my ex boyfriend."did i get knocked out last night"i asked"wait its Taylor right"he asked."ya"i said."ok before we continue let me just turn on the lights"he said. He did."anyway Niall accidentally knocked you out last night".he said"wait what why"i asked very confused."well Niall kind of liked you and he saw some guy giving you a hard time so he went to go tell him to stop and it turned into a fight and when he was about to punch that guy he ducked and Niall hit you"Liam said."wait then why are you here "i asked."Niall didnt want to face you when you woke up"liam said."ok thank you"i said."by the way how old are you"liam asked"18"i said. we then walked outside "do you have a car"i asked him"no the boys took it how about you"he asked."i live about 10 minutes away so i just walked"i said."do you mind if i go to your house and use your phone"he asked."wheres your phone"i asked."in the car"he said "oh then sure" i said."we then began walking and we then got to my house  i was so scared of what my little sister Lexi was gunna say when she sees liam payne in her house.Lexi is 10 years old she has blond hair its dip dyed red and she has brown eyes." im home"i shouted."Lexi then walked into  theroom."ahhh"she screamed."Lexi go away liam needs to make a phone call"i said sternly."not until you take a picture"Lexi said holding out her iPod and smirking.i sighed "do you mind"i asked Liam."not at all"he said Lexi then went over to Liam and i took the picture i then handed her, her iPod and she left. "Heres the phone i will be right back"i said handing him the phone then walking to my room to get my iphone.

Liam's P.O.V. 

After Taylor handed me the phone she left so i made the phone call i decided to call Niall since he's the one who made me stay at that house all night."Hello"Niall said."Niall" i said."Liam where are you"He asked me."at Taylor's"i said."what I'm coming right now"he said. He then hung up before i could answer.so i hung up.Then Lexi came down the stairs.

Taylor's P.O.V.

I went in my room to get my iphone i then looked in my mirror oh my god my hair was a mess i didnt get to brush it this morning i quickly brushed through it and walked back out."so who did you call"i asked."Niall he is coming to pick me up right now" Liam said."alright"i said.We then waited until we heard a knock on the door i answered it."Taylor"he said with a smile on his face."hi"i said."are you ok"he asked."ya I'm fine"i said."are you sure"he asked."ya I'm fine but by the way nice punch"i said jokingly.we both laughed and then it was silent."so we should go"Liam said breaking the silence. Niall then Looked at him with a mad look on his face. They then walked out the door.i shut it behind them and leaned on the back of the door."Niall Horan likes me" i whispered to myself confused.a huge smile grew on my face."Niall Horan likes me"i said a little more excited.i then sat on the couch and watched tv then Lexi walked down the stairs wearing sun glasses and a bunch of hipster stuff."hello"she said all queen like."she took off the sunglasses "wheres Liam"she said confused."Niall came and picked him up"i said."wait Niall came and you didn't tell me"she said shocked."ya im sorry but here"i said handing her the remote."watch whatever you want. We then watched tv till evening."whens mom coming home"Lexi said."her and dad are on a business trip but they will be home next month"Lexi nodded."ok lets start dinner"i said.when we finished eating dinner Lexi went to sleep and i fell asleep on the couch.

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