Not For Real

Hi my name is Cora Albamonte.. I'm Harry style's sister. I know what your thinking. Why havent i heard of you? Why doesnt Harry talk about you? How are you just a normal girl? Well its kindof a long story so just stick with me and we will see how it goes.


1. Back to school...

  Hi my name is Cora Albamonte... Some of you may have heard of me.. And some of you might now have. Well its a long story and i dont feel like explaining it all now. Over the summer i started talking to Harry Styles. Now he is like my big brother. The only thing is.. that he posts stuff a lot about me on instagram. People just dont believe him or they get mad. I am so scared to go back to school tomorrow. It will be the first time in three months that i wont be able to talk to Harry all day. 


Cailee: Hey!! Do you think i can stay the night and we can get ready for school tomorrow together?!

Me: Sure! Just let me ask real quick!1

Cailee: kk


  I walked down stairs to ask my mom knowing that my stepdad would say no in a heart beat. "HEy mom is it okay if Cailee stays the night tonight? I know its a school night but we promise to be to bed early!" i begged. "Yeah thats fine but lights out by Ten." she replied. I bolted back up the steps jump onto my bed and grabbed my phone.

Me: You can stayyy!!!

Cailee: Sweet! be there in a few!

  The awesome thing about this is that Cailee lives right down the street from me. So it is easy to hangout with her. A few minutes after the text she was over. "I am so excited for homecoming!" she said, knowing that she already had a date. "Yeah i probably wont go." i said upset.


  I just havent been in the best mood lately. Harry and I have been more distant and i just feel like we are drifting apart. I know that Cailee feels the same way about Ed though."No your going!" She says looking like she is about to rip my throat out. "Well then i guess im going..." 

  She seems like she is up to something i just dont know what yet.


  "Cora wake up we got to get ready for school!" Cailee screamed while jumping on the bed. "Okay im up im up." I slowly sat up but she grabbed my ankle and dragged me off my bed. I hit my butt on the floor really hard and yelled oww, all she could do was laugh. 


  After we had finished getting ready we walked to the bus. I was wearing sparkley leggings with purple boots and a purple top that is longer in the back. Cailee is wearing leggings with a pink undershirt and a pink button up top with the cutest little boots. We were the first people to the bus so of course we grabbed our phones right away. I had three texts from Harry. 




  Ugh sometimes u really hate the fact that we have a times difference otherwise i can gaurentee he wouldnt be awake right now. I also had one missed call with a voicemail. From: Harry

  I clicked my voicemail button and waited for it to start. 

  "Hey babes it's Haz I just wanted to tell you that i hope you have a great first day of highschool. I'm going to miss not talking to you so much. Just think four more years and you will be in London. Love you sissy and have a great day!"

  I just stood there like an idiot with tears falling down my cheeks.

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