I Won't Let You Go

I was at meet and greet and his blue eyes met mine. He stared straight at me and my heart just melted.


1. Meet And Greet

I was next in line for meeting One Direction, I saw Niall was watching my every move. Finally it was my turn when i was talking to them when suddenly "You look very familiar" said an Irish accent. I turned around to see Niall's bright blue eyes staring into mine. just having him look into my eyes the way he did made my heart melt.

                                                                     *next morning*

So today was Saturday and as usual I went to Starbucks to get a Vanila Frapo. As I was walking in i bumped into Niall so we started talking and before he left he gave me a slip of paper with a number on it and said "call me."

                                                                      *later that day*

So before I went to bed i decided to text Niall.

Me: Hey Niall it's Ashley

Niall: How did you get my number?

Me: when we ran into each other at Starbucks you gave me it.

Niall: oh, hi.

Me: how was your day today?

Niall:Good would you like to go to Starbucks for breakfast tomorrow?

Me: Sure how about i meet you there at 9:30

Niall: Sounds good.

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