Magic Of Rina And Eve

Two witch girls who come across ten magical legends to defeat handsome jack
it will be their biggest adventure of their lives.
But will they defeat him?


1. The Begining

Two little girls,two little homes and one little city. Once in city named wiccans hill lived two girls called Rina and Eve they were best friends. They had a test coming to see if they had enough magic to be witches if they don't they'll end up being sent to the human world . So they spent every minute learning each spell. Rina just couldn't get one spell into her mind The Kraken spell, everybody in her class was able to summon the Kraken everybody except her. She shut her eyes until she fell asleep. On the other hand Eve sat there daydreaming about the handsome,brave and muscular Axton, Axton was one of the ten legends he came from the real world his father was a wizard but his mother was a siren he turned to be an odd one out and he didn't have any magic but he did have blood of his great great grandfather, he ruled the kingdom of Grizzlehem. Grizzlehem is the city of bears, Strong, fierce fighters but even they could not stop Handsome Jack. As Eve smiled while looking at nothing she was awoken from her dream by bang on the door " Eve I hope your doing your spell work " her mother snarled furiously in a scratchy tone Eve just mumbled " whats education even good for except for everything so in this c
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