The Devil's Sweetheart

Black hides secrets. Lies cover secrets. Time heals secrets. Love accepts secrets. Secrets are all around this world. Day in die out people lie to your face. But you believe them. They lie to cover up their secrets. You have lived with your own secrets forever. No one knows them. But what happens when you let the Devil's Sweetheart steal those secrets?? You can never get them back...


1. You found me

He was there. He was standing there. I knew his face, but I didn't know where from. His ocean blue eyes staring into my unique eyes. Yes, I said my eyes were unique. They're dark, like a dark brown, but they are so dark, they're almost black. Black hides secrets. People say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but my windows, you can't see through them. I was mysterious. He stared. I turned around and started walking...


* 1 hour earlier *


I just finished argueing with my Mum. I didn't hate my Mum, I just didn't like her. We was always argueing and slapping each other but normally we would get over it. This time though it felt different, like things wouldn't go back to how it was. I ran out the house with a small bag of clothes.


"MUM??" I shouted.






"WHATEVER". Mum was upstairs as I shouted to her. The truth was though, I wasn't going to Annabell's. She said I couldn't stay there for a while because she was on holiday. I had no where to go.


* That hour is up *


I ran out the house and starting walking. I wanted to get as far away from that house as I could.It was full of bad memories and ruined lifes. Something was behind me, I could feel it. Starting to run, I didn't want to turn around. I looked at my feet, and I fell to the ground. Then I realised why I fell, I ran into to someone. It was a boy around my age. I saw his red converse instantly, then his tan chinos, then I saw his blue polo shirt. I thought his outfit was cute but normal for a boy that age.


Stopping my daydream about him, he asked me, "Are you alright??" I Shook my head and grabbed my ankle. I looked up at his face and his ocean blue eyes, his blonde hair with his brown roots, than I remembered his question and heard his Irish accent replay in my head. He was almost perfect, but I remembered his face. He was staring into my eyes and before he could tell me they were ugly and weird, I got up and starting walking, well limping because my ankle still hurt.


I heard footsteps behind me and I span around, and before I could see it was the perfect boy, he swooped me up in his arms bridal style.


"Hey, why did you turn and walk away on that ankle?? I don't want a girl as beautiful as you getting hurt even more and sorry for running into you," he told me.


"I wanted to get away from you before you could tell me that I'm ugly and weird and I ran into you anyway." I replied.


"Your are perfect." I felt myself blush as I looked down. "Do you have somewhere I could take you, like your home??" He asked me.


I couldn't stop the tears at this point as I shook my head. With his thumb, he wiped the tears from my cheek.


"Come on, I'll take you back to my house."


He was still holding me as he started to walk, his house wasn't far only about a 5 minute walk.


He arrived and sat me on the sofa, he walked out to get an ice pack for my ankle. Suddenly, four other boys around his age came in the sitting room and stopped when they saw me. I remembered where I saw the boy's face. On a poster, it was Niall from One Direction that I ran into.


Niall came in with an ice pack and I asked him, "Your One Direction, aren't you??"


"You found out who I am, huh??" He chuckled. "Erm... sorry guys, this girl ran into me and hurt her ankle, so I brang her here. This is Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and I'm Niall."


The boys said hello and sat down on the sofa with me.


Harry spoke to brake the awkward silence and said, "We got introduced by Niall but we didn't get your name??" His British accent was cute, seen as I was born in New York, I had an American accent.


"Hey, sorry, I'm Caterina Valentine, call me Cat." I smiled.


I realised, I haven't introduced myself properly. I'm Caterina Valentine, I have Black eyes and bright ruby red hair, with blue dip dyed at the bottom. I love being different. I'm 19 and I'm orginally from New York. Today I'm wearing a summer dress that stops mid-thigh, it's blue with small red roses on and the collor is white laced, with my blue and red high tops, and my charm  bracelet my Dad brought me for my 18th birthday before he died in a car accident. My favourite colours are obviously blue and red. I'm definatley not an average girly girl. The thing I do everyday, all the time, is sketching and drawing. Admittedly I'm very good at art, it's my favourite subject at school and I got an A* in my GCSE. Anyway back to reality...


"Cat, are you thirsty or hungry??" asked Liam.


"Can I have a cup of water, please??" I asked.




Minutes later Liam came back with water. We stayed chatting and got to know each other better, the boys were really cool and I got on well with them.


"Cat, where are going to sleep?? I mean you told me you had no where to go," Niall asks.


"I really don't know," I tell him.


"Why don't you sat in the guest room?? Me and the boys don't mind, do we??"


The boys shake their heads.


"But I can't expcet you to do that" I exclaimed.


"We want you to, it'll be fun." says Louis.


"Well thankyou so much but it's only for tonight." I say.


"Stay as long as you need," I was taken aback by Harry's comment.


"How about we have a movie night??" Asks Zayn.


"TOY STORY!!" Shouts Louis and we all laugh.


We watched Toy Story and afterwards we watch Paranormal Actvity because I love horror movies but soon I fell asleep and rested my head on Niall's shoulder, could this day get any better...??

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